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Welcome to Examplesentences.org! Here on our site you can search for example sentences in our database which consists of hundreds of thousands of words, and several million example sentences. The example sentences we present come from official sources, ie. these are real sentences that have been used in real articles, books or other types of generic texts. In the vast majority of cases, there is even a link to the source where the example sentence has been used, these links are found in the right margin next to the example sentences themselves.

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For those who are wondering why it can be a good idea to search for, and get inspiration from, example sentences, the short and simple answer is: because it illustrates in a quick and easy way how a word can be used. But example sentences can give you so much more than that, it can also reveal a little more about the tone behind the word, that is, they can present clues to the contexts in which the word can be used. Feel free to try our super-fast search engine above, it responds immediately when you start typing and gives you suggestions for words to look up right away.

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