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  1. Lee said he had done "nothing wrong and history will absolve us".

  2. I think by calling Harper Lee brave you kind of absolve yourself of your own racism ..

  3. Hari explains that it was His will and advises Nārad to chant his name to absolve himself of any sin.

  4. Later sources often absolve her of all guilt, describing how she falls prey to Indra's trickery, or is raped.

  5. The Emperor was said to have deeply regretted his actions, but could not find a monk to absolve him of his sins.

  6. His penitential "Walk to Canossa" was a success and Gregory VII had no choice but to absolve him in January 1077.

  7. King Henry III begged the bishop to absolve the dead, but O'Molloy refused to do so unless restoration were made.

  8. Whitney briefly becomes estranged from Chad and Harmony, and becomes a nun to absolve herself of the sin of incest.

  9. Father Ralph says that even if Linda is dead, her soul is immortal, and that Father John's penance is to absolve her now.

  10. In a confession to Father Ralph, Father John expresses guilt he did not absolve Linda before her confession abruptly ended.

  11. Although Becket offered to absolve Josceline and Foliot, he argued that only the pope could absolve Roger, as he was an archbishop.

  12. Matilda of Tuscany (who held the castle), Adelaide of Turin and Hugh of Cluny convinced the Pope he had no choice but to absolve the remorseful King.

  13. Holocaust relativism in Slovakia tends to manifest as attempts to absolve the Tiso government of blame by deflecting responsibility onto Germans and Jews.

  14. Cardozo did not absolve the defendant who knowingly unleashes a destructive force, such as by shooting a gun, just because the bullet takes an unexpected path.

  15. The Knights of the Round Table absolve him of blame and decide that henceforth each will wear a green sash in recognition of Gawain's adventure and as a reminder to be honest.

  16. Henry, as Schutz concludes, "cleverly maneuvered the pope into a position in which he had to absolve him", but Gregory VII reduced him "from Vicar of Christ to being a mere layman".

  17. Chandler, it is difficult to absolve Marlborough of ruthlessness, ingratitude, intrigue and treachery against a man to whom he owed virtually everything in his life and career to date.

  18. Although the Bala Kanda mentions that Ahalya consciously commits adultery, the Uttar Kanda of the Ramayana and the Puranas (compiled between the 4th and 16th centuries CE) absolve her of all guilt.

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