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  1. Each was refuelled by another Victor before leaving UK airspace.

  2. Located just behind the tower was an area of restricted airspace.

  3. The result was a 360 degree view of the airspace around the radar.

  4. The California scenery from Flight Unlimited II may be imported to expand the airspace.

  5. The Secret Service increased the size of the restricted airspace around the White House.

  6. Critics lauded the game's graphics and simulated airspace, and several praised its physics.

  7. He found the game to be "immensely realistic" and praised its terrain and simulated airspace.

  8. German reconnaissance aircraft frequently violated Yugoslav airspace in the aftermath of the coup.

  9. The Federal Aviation Administration implemented additional airspace restrictions over Washington, D.C.

  10. Coupled with pilot navigation errors, hundreds of airspace infringements have been recorded every year.

  11. It became the first base to have squadrons operating Supermarine Spitfire aircraft within German airspace.

  12. Although GA flights can under certain conditions enter controlled airspace, they operate mainly outside of it.

  13. The following year, Spain closed its airspace to aircraft taking off or landing at Gibraltar International Airport.

  14. Provision of an airspace between the cornea and the water can compensate, but causes scale and distance distortion.

  15. The Flyboard Air can fly autonomously as a plane and is subject to regulations governing the overflight of airspace.

  16. There are particular problems for GA around large airports, where Class A controlled airspace extends down to 2,500ft.

  17. The Pacific swift tends to hunt higher than sympatric swifts, sharing its airspace mainly with white-throated needletails.

  18. Controlled airspace is essential for the provision of a known air traffic environment necessary for the safe operation of CAT.

  19. Players share the game's airspace with up to 600 artificially intelligent (AI) planes, which fly and respond to the player in real-time.

  20. The aerial fight occurred in Saudi airspace over the Persian Gulf near the Saudi island Al Arabiyah, about 60 miles northeast of Jubail.

  21. The main airspace is 10,000 square miles of Seattle terrain; eight other Western American states are modeled as well, albeit in less detail.

  22. In 1943, the station became the first to fly sorties using Supermarine Spitfires (Mk IXs) in German airspace in support of bomber operations.

  23. The presence of the bomber in Greenland airspace in 1968 therefore triggered public suspicions and accusations that the policy was being violated.

  24. They were either opposed to the cease-fire or believed that Japanese airspace should remain inviolate until a formal surrender document was signed.

  25. More operators were needed to merge the information from the pip-squeak system with that from the radar systems to provide one view of the airspace.

  26. This allows them to fly in UK airspace subject to certain limitations, for example being restricted to day-time flights under visual flight rules only.

  27. In 1997, when the city gained airspace rights over the tracks, it decided to build a parking facility over them in the northwestern corner of Grant Park.

  28. When the MiGs turned and headed toward the safety of Chinese airspace, Hagerstrom attacked one of the planes and followed it into a dive, firing short bursts.

  29. Turkey has stated the reconnaissance aircraft was in international airspace when it was shot down, while Syrian authorities stated it was inside Syrian airspace.

  30. Increases in the number of CAT operations, and in the number of airports they operate from, has resulted in a corresponding increase in Class A controlled airspace.

  31. Despite pre-departure forecasts of good weather, the force encountered thick clouds after entering Finnish airspace; this continued for the remainder of the flight.

  32. By June 1940 RAF Bomber Command penetrations of German airspace had increased to the level at which Hermann Göring decreed that a night-fighter force should be formed.

  33. When coordinating corridors for friendly artillery trajectories through airspace, it is sometimes assumed (rarely, and for emergency expediency) that similar unlikelinesses apply.

  34. The point became moot when the US government prevailed upon neighbouring countries, including Hungary and Romania, to prevent Russian use of their airspace to fly in reinforcements.

  35. This small, hard-won airfield was a critical point in the entire island chain, and both sides considered that control of the airbase offered potential control of the local airspace.

  36. Apparently to avoid flying through the restricted airspace, Holland flew the aircraft in an extremely tight, steeply banked turn while maintaining the low, 250-foot (75 m) AGL altitude.

  37. Shooting down a commercial airliner in international airspace over very deep water was thought to be preferable to make recovery of the wreckage, and hence investigation, more difficult.

  38. Preston then turned back toward Fort Meade in Maryland and left the restricted airspace; an old Bell 47 helicopter of the Maryland police followed but was too slow to keep up with Preston.

  39. The Japanese government was concerned about the results of the March firebombing attacks as the raids had demonstrated that the Japanese military was unable to protect the nation's airspace.

  40. The missiles would pass into Pakistani airspace, overflying "a suspected Pakistani nuclear weapons site," according to Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Ralston; U.S.

  41. It is divided into controlled airspace, in which aircraft must always be under the control of an air traffic controller, and uncontrolled airspace, in which aircraft can operate autonomously.

  42. The player controls one of five planes in the airspace of the San Francisco Bay Area, which is shared with up to 600 artificially intelligent aircraft directed by real-time air traffic control.

  43. In Islamabad on the evening of August 20, Ralston informed Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Jehangir Karamat of the incoming American strikes ten minutes before the missiles entered Pakistani airspace.

  44. This implies that collisions of aircraft in free flight should be extremely rare in en-route airspace, whereas operational errors such as violations of formal separation standards should be relatively common.

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