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Archdeacon in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word archdeacon in a sentence.

  1. By 1091 he had become archdeacon of Rouen.

  2. In the following year, he was elected archdeacon of the Abbey.

  3. The archdeacon, who was extremely unpopular, returned to London in 1828.

  4. He published an attack on the archdeacon, for which he was sued for libel.

  5. Alexander's brother David was archdeacon of Buckingham in the diocese of Lincoln.

  6. Alexander was an archdeacon in the diocese of Salisbury by 1121, under his uncle.

  7. His father was Richard Venables, vicar of Nantmel and then archdeacon of Carmarthen.

  8. Hobhouse was also an atheist from an early age, despite his father being an archdeacon.

  9. Educated at Laon, Alexander served in his uncle's diocese as an archdeacon in the early 1120s.

  10. Alexander also had a nephew William, who became an archdeacon, and a great-nephew named Robert de Alvers.

  11. They took the town without opposition and looted the properties of the archdeacon and local tax officials.

  12. While archdeacon, Warelwast is recorded as being present at the transfer of a Devon church to Bath Cathedral.

  13. However, it was probably the diocese of his birth, and he had almost become archdeacon of the diocese in 1345.

  14. In the same year in which Karlstadt received his doctorate he became archdeacon and the chair of the theology department.

  15. When he was presented with the possibility of serving as a missionary in Asia, he resigned from his post as archdeacon in 1654.

  16. Bishop Brice's chapter of eight clerics consisted of the dean, precentor, treasurer, chancellor, archdeacon and three ordinary canons.

  17. Warelwast's nephew Robert Warelwast succeeded as bishop at Exeter in 1138; Robert had been appointed archdeacon of Exeter by his uncle.

  18. Other nephews were William, successively a canon at Lincoln Cathedral and an archdeacon at Rouen, and Richard, also an archdeacon at Rouen.

  19. In 1167 he was appointed archdeacon of the cathedral of Tyre by Frederick de la Roche, archbishop of Tyre, with the support of King Amalric.

  20. Hubert John Matthews (18 June 1889 28 April 1971) was archdeacon of Hampstead from 1950 to 1961; and then archdeacon Emeritus until his death.

  21. Hall, critical of both the archdeacon and Governor Ralph Darling, was also a partner with Arthur Hill in the ownership of newspaper The Monitor.

  22. Soon after his election Theobald selected his brother Walter to be archdeacon of Canterbury, and in 1148 promoted him to be Bishop of Rochester.

  23. He also accumulated a number of ecclesiastical offices, becoming successively canon of Rouen Cathedral, treasurer of Rouen, and archdeacon of Oxford.

  24. Baldwin attracted the attention of Bartholomew Iscanus, Bishop of Exeter, who made him archdeacon at Totnes in about 1161, after Baldwin's father's death.

  25. He introduced the continental system of archdeacons to the Diocese of York, dividing the diocese into territorial units and appointing an archdeacon to each.

  26. William last appeared in documents on 25 July 1217 and was dead by 16 February 1218, probably before 2 December 1217, when someone else is mentioned as archdeacon.

  27. Through papal favour he received a canonry at Saint-Quentin in 1238 and spent the period 1248–1259 as a canon of the cathedral chapter in Rouen, finally as archdeacon.

  28. During the trip, however, they received news that after 33 months of vacation, finally, the Conclave had elected the new Pope and that he was exactly the archdeacon of Acre.

  29. Barre was also archdeacon of Ely and the author of a work of biblical extracts dedicated to one of his patrons, William Longchamp, the Bishop of Ely and Chancellor of England.

  30. Shortly after his consecration, Chesney was presented with a copy of the newly updated version of Henry of Huntingdon's Historia Anglorum; Huntingdon had been a fellow archdeacon.

  31. David Williams (1751–1836), born in the Hungerford almshouse in Wiltshire; his father, an uncle of John Williams (1792–1858) the archdeacon of Cardigan, was warden of the almshouse and curate of Heytesbury.

Archdeaconries in a sentence

Archdeaconries is a variation of archdeacon, below you can find example sentences for archdeaconries.

  1. He began the construction of a new cathedral at Exeter, and he probably divided the diocese into archdeaconries.

  2. It was not until late in his bishopric that the diocese was split into multiple archdeaconries, which appears to have happened in 1133.

  3. He also attended church councils and reorganised his diocese by increasing the number of archdeaconries and setting up prebends to support his cathedral clergy.

Archdeaconry in a sentence

Archdeaconry is a variation of archdeacon, below you can find example sentences for archdeaconry.

  1. William Longchamp fulfilled the same assistant role for the archdeaconry at Rouen.

  2. It is in the Calcewaithe and Candleshoe rural deanery in the archdeaconry and diocese of Lincoln.

  3. He continued to hold the archdeaconry at Lisieux until 1188, and was at Lisieux for most of the late 1170s and 1180s.

  4. While holding his Norman archdeaconry, he gave land to the abbey of St-Pierre-sur-Dives along with Ralph, Bishop of Lisieux.

  5. At some point during his episcopate, an eighth archdeaconry was established in his diocese, for the West Riding area of Lindsey.

  6. The ecclesiastical parish of Wormshill is in the Diocese of Canterbury and the Sittingbourne deanery (within the archdeaconry of Maidstone).

  7. On 8 August 2014, the Church Times reported that the archdeaconry of Brighton & Lewes had been created and Hastings archdeaconry renamed.

  8. The benefice is a vicarage and falls within the deanery of Lafford and the archdeaconry and diocese of Lincoln; as of 2015, the vicar is Rev.

Archdeacons in a sentence

Archdeacons is a variation of archdeacon, below you can find example sentences for archdeacons.

  1. He kept in constant contact with his archdeacons and deans about the administration of the dioceses.

  2. He introduced the continental system of archdeacons to the Diocese of York, dividing the diocese into territorial units and appointing an archdeacon to each.

  3. Warelwast instituted the two offices of treasurer and precentor for the cathedral chapter, as well as the first sub-archdeacons, who were under the archdeacons.

  4. During his time at both dioceses, he did much to promote his relatives, and all of the archdeacons he appointed while at London were either nephews or other relatives.

  5. He also permitted the clergy of his diocese to remit the payment of chrism money and forwent the traditional annual payment from the archdeacons of the diocese to the bishop.

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