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  1. The Altai-Sayan assemblages are the modern biomes most similar to the "mammoth steppe".

  2. The fossil assemblages throughout these regions suggest a complete faunal turnover when M.

  3. Among all the late Quaternary assemblages of megafauna, only Madagascar was dominated by large primates.

  4. The size of these assemblages can be attributed to the tendency of smaller animals to become trapped in mud.

  5. However, a number of localities in Europe and South Dakota have yielded concentrated assemblages of juvenile M.

  6. Cell theory led biologists to re-envision individual organisms as interdependent assemblages of individual cells.

  7. Like the Pisco Formation, the Bahía Inglesa Formation famously holds one of the richest marine vertebrate assemblages.

  8. Afterwards, the transoceanic assemblages would have continued to evolve separately, contributing to small differences between taxa.

  9. All three sites are nearly monospecific assemblages, meaning that they contain practically only one species, which requires very special circumstances.

  10. Many other such assemblages of bones with butcher marks may also represent accumulations over time, so are ambiguous as evidence for large-scale hunting.

  11. Phytoplankton recovery in the early Paleocene provided the food source to support large benthic foraminiferal assemblages, which are mainly detritus-feeding.

  12. As of 2006, 27 nearly complete skeletons and 62 complete skulls have been found, but most of them are assemblages of bones from two to 16 different individuals.

  13. Marine reptile assemblages in the New Jersey region of the province are generally equivalent with those in Europe; the mosasaur faunae are quite similar but exclude M.

  14. Fossils of one genus in Castoroidinae, Dipoides, have been found near assemblages of chewed wood, though it appears to have been a rather poor woodcutter compared to Castor.

  15. Considered one of the finest paleoindian archeological assemblages in the Rocky Mountain region, the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places list in 1981.

  16. This is supported by fossil assemblages and cave paintings showing groups, implying that most of their other social behaviours were likely similar to those of modern elephants.

  17. However, if they were common, more than the occasional specimen might be expected in exceptionally preserved fossil assemblages (Konservat-Lagerstätten) such as the Burgess Shale and Chengjiang.

  18. Because of their historically mixed assemblages which included tarsiers and close relatives of primates, both Prosimii and Strepsirrhini have been considered wastebasket taxa for "lower primates".

  19. The central part of the guyot surface and its margins feature different platform structures, and the platform has been subdivided into several different assemblages on the basis of foraminifera stages.

  20. Paleontologist Rafael Delcourt agreed in 2018 that since both Limusaurus and Masiakasaurus have been found in assemblages of multiple specimens each, this suggests these small ceratosaurs lived in groups.

  21. The Northern Interior Subprovince also saw a restructuring of mosasaur assemblages, characterized by the disappearance of mosasaurs like Platecarpus and their replacement by Mosasaurus and Plioplatecarpus.

  22. Ediacaran-type fossils are recognised globally in 25 localities and a variety of depositional conditions, and are commonly grouped into three main types, known as assemblages and named after typical localities.

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