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  1. Ferguson, however, remained at large.

  2. Johnson (D, at large; Newark),Leonard M.

  3. Leyva remains at large and Villareal was captured in July 2011.

  4. Those conspirators still at large were rounded up shortly after.

  5. The city council is made up of five members who are elected at large.

  6. Werner Heisenberg remained at large, having left Hechingen on 19 April.

  7. Gill (D, at large; Montclair),Romaine Graham (D, at large; Irvington),Rufus I.

  8. Population density per square mile is 6,253, triple figure for Austin at large.

  9. The few English survivors of the battles still at large scattered in confusion.

  10. However, this was not accepted by the taxonomic community at large; the name S.

  11. She was a councilor at large for the Rotorua District Council from 2011 to 2022.

  12. The present-day Guy Fawkes Night is usually celebrated at large organised events.

  13. Nevertheless, the Beti at large detested French forced labour practices and taxes.

  14. Such an act is wrong to the public at large, not only to those who might be injured.

  15. But it was canceled, no jumps at large hill that day due to heavy rain in the morning.

  16. Ash and aerosols might have impacted humans and corals at large distances from the eruption.

  17. Lethbridge does not have a ward system, so the mayor and all councillors are elected at large.

  18. Hawkins was later captured and hanged on the testimony of Jewett, but Mason was still at large.

  19. And its blockbuster success ensured the adoption of those innovations by the industry at large.

  20. Beyond her career, Jolie's appearance has been credited with influencing popular culture at large.

  21. Lumix is considered the foundation stone for hip hop in Northern Uganda and partly Uganda at large.

  22. This time-consuming process was frequently seen at large GWR stations such as Bristol Temple Meads.

  23. Mammoth was returned to Alcatraz Island, but Jinx and the other members of the Five remain at large.

  24. The paintings have shown extensively at large public galleries and artist-run centres across Canada.

  25. The school also offers the Faces of Faith drama group that presents plays for the community at large.

  26. Her book can only be described as deceptive, both in relation to the author and to the public at large.

  27. His legacy was largely forgotten by the nation at large between his death and Cameroonian independence.

  28. Walker with civility, and he was landed at Brest as a prisoner at large; within a month he was exchanged.

  29. All members of the governing body, except the secretary-accountant, are elected at large every two years.

  30. The remaining capacity was filled by large and medium hydropower stations, typically sited at large dams.

  31. Thus the inverse square law does not apply except at large distances, to the overall behaviour of a tether.

  32. Fluoridated salt reaches the consumer in salt at home, in meals at school and at large kitchens, and in bread.

  33. The school is a domain with men of substance, who are modeled to leave a positive mark in the society at large.

  34. Many of the community's business and political leaders were forced underground, disrupting the community at large.

  35. The Sheerness Times Guardian is now the only newspaper serving the town and island at large, owned by the KM Group.

  36. The Unitarians were still at large, controlling several provinces that had banded together in the Unitarian League.

  37. The test was conducted in secret, and the world at large learned nothing about the radioactive fallout at the time.

  38. Reznor's post, specifically his criticism of the recording industry at large, elicited considerable media attention.

  39. STScI was established in 1981 after something of a power struggle between NASA and the scientific community at large.

  40. For the first two centuries of its existence, Christianity and its practitioners were unpopular with the people at large.

  41. Jimmy White With the other robbers on the run and having fled the country, only White was at large in the United Kingdom.

  42. Toward the end of his life, Fermi questioned his faith in society at large to make wise choices about nuclear technology.

  43. His agent, Spoletta, arrives to report that Angelotti remains at large, but Cavaradossi has been arrested for questioning.

  44. Open units are the most common structure in the United States, but closed units are often found at large academic centers.

  45. These results were viewed skeptically by the scientific community at large, and more experiments investigated the phenomenon.

  46. Three of the indicted associates remained at large for over a year, and investigators were allegedly given false information.

  47. The slope for the cold objects is q = 8.2 at large diameters and q = 2.9 at small diameters with a change in slope at 140 km.

  48. Perka and Nelson remained at large in the uninhabited wilderness of Vancouver Island relying on Perka's navy survival skills.

  49. Most of the chiefs respected Atangana as their spokesman and leader, and the Beti at large deferred to him prestige and power.

  50. The slope for the hot objects is q = 5.3 at large diameters and q = 2.0 at small diameters with the change in slope at 110 km.

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