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Autonomous in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word autonomous in a sentence.

  1. The site is located in the Xinjiang autonomous region.

  2. Kellex operated as a self-contained and autonomous entity.

  3. The university has several autonomous postgraduate schools:.

  4. It provides the world's largest autonomous regional microgrid.

  5. The towns were to remain autonomous with laws made by the citizens.

  6. This will enable the construction of large networks of autonomous microprocesses.

  7. Treviana is a village in the province and autonomous community of La Rioja, Spain.

  8. The Aion Y features the ADiGO 3.0 autonomous driving system and automatic parking.

  9. Internet number resources include IP addresses and autonomous system (AS) numbers.

  10. The commission chose to cede Memel to Lithuania and give the area autonomous rights.

  11. Jozef Tiso, a Catholic priest and HSĽS leader, became prime minister of the Slovak autonomous region.

  12. Tanjong Katong Secondary School (TKSS) is a co-educational government autonomous school in Singapore.

  13. To his north, Wilhelm von Wartensleben's autonomous corps covered the line between Mainz and Giessen.

  14. The province still had its own parliament and government, and some other autonomous functions as well.

  15. The Greeks refused an Ottoman offer of an autonomous administration, and Deligiannis mobilized for war.

  16. Internally autonomous agencies can be further divided in those with legal personality and those without.

  17. This last fraction was an autonomous municipality until 1928, when it was abolished with royal decree no.

  18. He is the former Minister of Youth and Sports of the autonomous Somaliland region in northwestern Somalia.

  19. NAL was involved in the development of the autonomous ALFLEX aircraft and the cancelled HOPE-X spaceplane.

  20. However, the computer generated work law under UK law relates to autonomous creations by computer programs.

  21. The autonomous state of Madagascar has since undergone four major constitutional periods, termed republics.

  22. Club Deportivo Mendi is a Spanish football team based in Mendigorria in the autonomous community of Navarre.

  23. Löfström is the single member of parliament for the autonomous region of Åland in the Parliament of Finland.

  24. The Malagasy Republic was proclaimed on 14 October 1958, as an autonomous state within the French Community.

  25. Each state (Land) has its own constitution, and is largely autonomous in regard to its internal organisation.

  26. The second major domestic campaign of the reign began in 838, against Mazyar, the autonomous Qarinid ruler of Tabaristan.

  27. Solomon hoped that Russia, distracted by its wars with the Ottomans and Persia, would allow Imereti to become autonomous.

  28. The Faculty of Science started its autonomous life in 1949 when The Faculty of Theology was separated from the university.

  29. They differ from autonomous growth of crystals as they inherit genetic mutations while being subject to natural selection.

  30. The speaker node creates a routing table and advertises it to neighboring speaker nodes in neighboring autonomous systems.

  31. It was taken over by the Department of Atomic Energy, India on 25 March 1985 and started functioning as an autonomous body.

  32. The king's second son, Lionel of Antwerp, attempted to subdue by force the largely autonomous Anglo-Irish lords in Ireland.

  33. From 1873, Galicia was de facto an autonomous province of Austria-Hungary, with Polish and Ruthenian as official languages.

  34. Such autonomous areas are the Xunhua Salar Autonomous County and the Jishishan Bonan, Dongxiang and Salar Autonomous County.

  35. In 1887 the British occupied Egypt, which remained nominally an autonomous Ottoman province but de facto British controlled.

  36. The Geneanet.org site, which must remain autonomous, indicates that it will give access to many databases indexed by Ancestry within the framework of Premium subscriptions.

  37. Russia's main objective in this campaign was to assist local forces led by Egypt's autonomous ruler, Ali Bey al-Kabir, who was in open rebellion against the Ottoman Empire.

  38. The Institute's mission is "to establish permanent, autonomous ocean communities to enable experimentation and innovation with diverse social, political, and legal systems".

  39. On 14 August 2006, Warsame was elected president of the newly formed autonomous state of Galmudug in central Somalia by representatives of the people of Mudug and Galgaduud.

  40. In 1968–1969, he led the French section of the Governmental Commission of France and Quebec during the creation of the autonomous territory of New Quebec, now called Nunavik.

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Autonomously in a sentence

Autonomously is a variation of autonomous, below you can find example sentences for autonomously.

  1. As Galvatron battles Optimus, it gets autonomously freed from control.

  2. Indeed, it appeared War if not the Pacific Command was operating autonomously.

  3. His original goal was to become self-sufficient so he could live autonomously.

  4. So I got lost in time and space, until my eyes and hands started to work autonomously.

  5. On the extended route, the ParkShuttle will autonomously drive on the public road in mixed traffic.

  6. Octopus arms can move and sense largely autonomously without intervention from the animal's central nervous system.

  7. The Flyboard Air can fly autonomously as a plane and is subject to regulations governing the overflight of airspace.

  8. They can stand up and feed autonomously after 40 days, although the parents still feed the nestlings after that time.

  9. These heuristics guide the characters when acting autonomously, though player-directed commands are always given top priority.

  10. Following Yen Bay, the VNQDD became more diffuse, with many factions effectively acting virtually autonomously of one another.

  11. Nevertheless, there was no coherent national leadership and groups at district and provincial level tended to operate autonomously.

  12. Ba Cụt was one of four Hòa Hảo military leaders who refused the government offer on 23 April, and continued to operate autonomously.

  13. To guide the AUV autonomously, a pressure sensor, compass, camera, and hydrophone array return navigation input data to the software.

  14. Maguire desired the law school to be more integrated with the rest of the university than the medical school, which operated largely autonomously.

  15. There are also newer models with a floating receiver design that allows the action to slide over the stock autonomously, thus making the gun less hold-sensitive.

  16. In July 2006, the British government declassified the HERTI (High Endurance Rapid Technology Insertion), an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which can navigate autonomously.

  17. In November 2008, for the first time in its history, the France Fooding Guide was published autonomously, under the exclusive direction of Alexandre Cammas and Marine Bidaud.

  18. Another approach is to make use of restriction enzymes or deoxyribozymes to cleave the strands and cause the walker to move forward, which has the advantage of running autonomously.

  19. It is divided into controlled airspace, in which aircraft must always be under the control of an air traffic controller, and uncontrolled airspace, in which aircraft can operate autonomously.

  20. Although school staff were nominally employees of the Anderson County Education Board, the school system was run autonomously, with federal funding under the supervision of administrators appointed by the Army.

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Synonyms for autonomous

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word autonomous has the following synonyms: independent, self-governing, sovereign, free, self-directed and self-reliant.

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