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  1. The gown has a fur-lined high collar and deep baggy sleeves, also lined with fur.

  2. She often wore baggy clothes and sunglasses, stating that she wanted to be herself.

  3. In the 1991 FA Cup Final Tottenham Hotspur's players lined up in long baggy shorts.

  4. The partial veil that protects the developing gills is initially thick, baggy, and rubbery.

  5. This encouraged the breeding of larger ducks, with pronounced exaggerated keels, and loose baggy skin.

  6. But they'll take them from me in evening dress; they wouldn't take them if I wore baggy pants and rednose".

  7. I wanted everything to be a contradiction: the pants baggy, the coat tight, the hat small and the shoes large ..

  8. The pants can be wide and baggy, or they can be cut quite narrow, on the bias, in which case they are called churidars.

  9. Waugh disagreed, opining that "Bill is a baggy green icon who represents all that is good about playing for your country.

  10. The specific epithet is derived from the Latin ocrěātus 'wearing greaves' from ocrea 'greave', referring to its loose, baggy volva.

  11. Many spectators surged onto the playing arena to greet Bradman, and he doffed his baggy green and raised his bat to acknowledge them.

  12. The Igluulingmiut of Foxe Basin and some of the Caribou Inuit wore a style of baggy leggings or stockings sewn to boots for long journeys.

  13. Many spectators walked onto the playing arena to greet the arrival of Bradman and he doffed his baggy green and raised his bat to greet them.

  14. Her baggy woolly cardigan and long-suffering nature have led to her being labelled as a soap institution, a "soap legend" and a "television icon".

  15. Head said that he shared several characteristics with Greg, explaining that they both come from small towns and enjoy "the music and baggy pants".

  16. Highly regarded by Australian cricketers of the modern era, Steve Waugh invited Brown to present Test debutant Adam Gilchrist with his baggy green.

  17. He views Shoom as initiating a move away from expensive clothes in favour of the casual, baggy style that typified the 1990s trend of "dressing down".

  18. Stumpy's wardrobe consisted of baggy pants and an Italian bowler hat that gave him a 1920s look instead of the 1930s, showing his clothes were second-hand.

  19. The FC Dynamo Moscow team that toured Western Europe in 1945 drew almost as much comment for the players' long baggy shorts as for the quality of their football.

  20. Clubbers typically wore baggy clothes and tie-dye or dayglo colours, with items such as bucket hats, bandanas, dungaree jeans, ponchos and converse sneakers becoming popular.

  21. Regarding his austere, weather-beaten face, greying hair and simple Dopper dress of a short-cut black jacket, baggy trousers and a black top hat, they considered him extremely ugly.

  22. Persistent criticism has been given to the character's dowdy attire, particularly the perception that she rarely wears anything but a baggy cardigan; a claim that Wendy Richard herself categorically disputes.

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