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  1. Ford's, baker, 12 Judd-street, Brunswick-square.

  2. The floury baker is solitary and occurs in low densities.

  3. William Etty was born in 1787, the son of a York baker and miller.

  4. The floury baker is the only described species in the genus Aleeta.

  5. William Etty was born in 1787 in York, the son of a miller and baker.

  6. William Etty was born in York in 1787, the son of a miller and baker.

  7. The floury baker is distinguished from a similar undescribed species A.

  8. Of the 15 Australian species, the floury baker was the earliest offshoot.

  9. A Frenchman hired the boy to work as an assistant baker until he came of age.

  10. He owed a baker, James Kerr, £40 and 10 shillings, a sum equivalent to £3,590 in 2021.

  11. William Etty, the son of a York baker and miller, began as an apprentice printer in Hull.

  12. William Etty, the seventh son of a York baker and miller, had been an apprentice printer in Hull.

  13. German naturalist Ernst Friedrich Germar described the floury baker in 1834 as Cicada curvicosta.

  14. The adult floury baker normally perches facing downwards and on branches of trees rather than trunks.

  15. She had returned to Epsom by the summer of 1854 and took further lessons in pastry-making from a local baker.

  16. The floury baker is found from the Daintree River in North Queensland to Bendalong in southern New South Wales.

  17. The floury baker is found on a wide variety of trees, with some preference for species of paperbark (Melaleuca).

  18. Although Matthew Etty was a successful miller and baker, he bore a large family and was never financially secure.

  19. A poem dedicated to the floury baker appeared in the Catholic Press in 1930, describing its life cycle to children.

  20. This gave rise to the "baker's dozen": a baker would give 13 for the price of 12, to be certain of not being known as a cheat.

  21. Theobald also at about the same time granted a mill to his baker named William and some lands to his cook William and the cook's heirs.

  22. William Etty (1787–1849), the seventh child of a York baker and miller, began his career as an apprentice printer in Hull at the age of 11.

  23. He was the only child of Giuseppe Rossini, a trumpeter and horn player, and his wife Anna, née Guidarini, a seamstress by trade, daughter of a baker.

  24. Georges, the fifth of eight children, was born on January 21, 1887, in Chicoutimi, Quebec, to Georges-Henri Vézina, a local baker and his wife Clara Belley.

  25. The floury baker gains its common name from the appearance of having been dusted with flour, and both the vernacular terms baker and miller were in use by 1860.

  26. With the advent of the Great Depression, Derrick scraped a living from odd jobs—such as fixing bicycles and selling newspapers—to supplement his job as a baker.

  27. He was the ninth child of Carl Friedrich Wagner, who was a clerk in the Leipzig police service, and his wife, Johanna Rosine (née Paetz), the daughter of a baker.

  28. Generally, the baker begins the process by rubbing cold butter into flour and sugar to form particles of dough until the texture resembles that of breadcrumbs or sand.

  29. Fellow cartoonist Tad Dorgan nicknamed him "the Greek", a label which stuck and was taken up by his biographers and the press, who called him the son of a Greek baker.

  30. Aleeta curvicosta (commonly known as the floury baker or floury miller, known until 2003 as Abricta curvicosta) is a species of cicada, one of Australia's most familiar insects.

  31. Janet Brown went to the police and identified her friend Mary Paterson's clothing, while a local baker informed them that Jamie Wilson's trousers were being worn by Constantine Burke's son.

  32. In one study they looked at census data and concluded that men disproportionately worked in eleven occupations whose titles matched their surnames, for example, baker, carpenter, and farmer.

  33. The floury baker rapidly extends or raises its abdomen, thus modulating the influence of the air sacs on the sound to change its volume, pitch or tune during the introduction to the free song.

  34. He befriends a gang during his imprisonment, and the men plot their escape: Gustave has Zero place digging tools inside pastries made by Agatha, an apprentice baker at Mendl's and Zero's fiance.

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