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  1. According to officials working on the byway, it can take up to seven years to complete the process.

  2. The 40-mile (64 km) section of 28N between Long Lake and North Creek is a scenic byway named the Roosevelt–Marcy Trail.

  3. The Kennewick–Plymouth section of the freeway is also signed as part of the Lewis and Clark Trail, a Washington state scenic byway.

  4. Listed attractions along the byway in the Green River area include Crystal Geyser, Capitol Reef National Park and Green River State Park.

  5. The freeway climbs the Manastash Ridge, traveling southeastward around Yakima River Canyon, where SR 821 runs as a meandering scenic byway.

  6. Since 2009, they local committee that manages the byway designation has started using the Huron Shores Heritage Route name for the corridor.

  7. The byway marks the path Roosevelt took in 1901 to reach North Creek from Mount Marcy after learning that President William McKinley had been assassinated.

  8. This portion of I-70 is part of the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway, recognized as a scenic byway by both the National Scenic Byways and Utah Scenic Byways programs.

  9. Other listed attractions along the byway near this section include Canyonlands National Park and various areas with Morrison Formation, a layer of rock where dinosaur remains are common.

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