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  1. Several publications began campaigning in 1957.

  2. In the spring of 1124, campaigning began again.

  3. The president's enthusiastic campaigning attracted Mr.

  4. Thomson, and he devoted two weeks to campaigning there.

  5. He also spent a year campaigning in northern Baluchistan.

  6. He thoroughly enjoyed campaigning, and his success was evident.

  7. Lodge was initially critical of Quang's campaigning against Cẩn.

  8. In 1955, Branham's campaigning career began to slow following financial setbacks.

  9. In 1930, Brownlee visited Edson while campaigning in the 1930 provincial election.

  10. The French armies assembled and marched unusually early in the campaigning season.

  11. Tyler's political connections and campaigning skills narrowly won him the election.

  12. He returned to the country from Europe in June 2003 and began campaigning in August.

  13. Bono later said that this laid the groundwork for his Africa campaigning and some of his songwriting.

  14. In December, Ross was elected sheriff of McLennan County, "without campaigning or other solicitation".

  15. Sanjay Singh, campaigning for Janata Dal, was shot at, and had to be hospitalized in serious condition.

  16. She has publicly discussed her Christian faith on several occasions, although seldom while campaigning.

  17. The third week opened with a major speech in Quebec City, followed by intensive campaigning in Ontario.

  18. Nixon spent most of 1946 campaigning in the district, while Voorhis did not return from Washington D.C.

  19. Drogo, who had just finished campaigning in Calabria, gave Guiscard command of the fortress of Scribla.

  20. The orders were a disappointment to Agesilaus, who had looked forward to further successful campaigning.

  21. In this capacity he gained experience of American political campaigning which he later applied in the UK.

  22. Knowledge of Edward III's intent had kept French focus on the north until late in the campaigning season.

  23. He devoted the remainder of his life in exile while campaigning against Saddam and for a democratic Iraq.

  24. The younger Mowbray was born on 12 September 1415 while his father was in France campaigning with Henry V.

  25. His body had two bullets lodged in it, and he had grown exhausted from years of hard military campaigning.

  26. Her condition worsened in October, and he effectively broke off campaigning after October 12 to be with her.

  27. McKinley, campaigning mostly on his support for a protective tariff, defeated the Democratic nominee, Levi L.

  28. Bryan's campaigning failed to excite the voters as it had in 1896, and McKinley never doubted that he would be re-elected.

  29. On March 16, his first day of campaigning in Wisconsin, Willkie made eight speeches, and the pace took a toll on his voice.

  30. On the campaign trail, Eisenhower spoke of his plans for the country, leaving the negative campaigning to his running mate.

  31. With the main subject of the magazine no longer actively campaigning, Lindsay was forced to seek other ministers to promote.

  32. Braddock inherited much of her campaigning spirit from her mother, Mary Bamber, an early socialist and trade union activist.

  33. By campaigning on a platform of sending "the welfare bums back to work", he spoke out against the idea of the welfare state.

  34. Thereafter, within parliament Kenealy became a generally derided figure, and most of his campaigning was conducted elsewhere.

  35. His successor, Ludeca, of unknown lineage, also invaded East Anglia, and, like Beornwulf, died while campaigning there, in 827.

  36. As crown prince, Sennacherib exercised royal power with his father, or alone as a substitute while Sargon was away campaigning.

  37. On 6 April, after months of campaigning on Playford's part, he managed to change the mind of MLC Jack Bice, and the bill passed.

  38. Bizimungu started his own party in 2001, but Kagame's government banned it on the grounds that political campaigning was not permitted under the transitional constitution.

  39. In 434, the Eastern Roman armies were still campaigning against the Vandals in Africa, having faced initial defeats and the withdrawal of many of the Western Roman soldiers.

  40. Alongside her normal schooling, her political education began at the Marmaduke Street Socialist Sunday School, and through the medium of her mother's campaigning activities.

  41. Others who knew and at one time admired Tillman included Strom Thurmond, son of Tillman's Edgefield attorney, who saw and was inspired by Tillman's campaigning style as a boy.

  42. Butler fought child prostitution with help from the campaigning editor of The Pall Mall Gazette, William Thomas Stead, who purchased a 13-year-old girl from her mother for £5.

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