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  1. Skegness Stadium, just outside the town, hosts stock car racing.

  2. Along with single-seater racing, Rindt took up sports car racing in the mid-1960s.

  3. Holden has been involved with factory backed teams in Australian touring car racing since 1968.

  4. The 2010 Sylvania 300 was a stock car racing competition that took place on September 19, 2010.

  5. Cartwright has shown an interest in stock car racing and as of 2007 was seeking a NASCAR license.

  6. He was also successful in sports car racing, winning the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans paired with Masten Gregory in a Ferrari 250LM.

  7. The running track was used for dirt track racing between 1928 and 1932, greyhound racing from 1933 to 1968, and Midget car racing in 1948.

  8. Bale then portrayed sports car racing driver Ken Miles in the 2019 sports drama Ford v Ferrari, for which he lost 70 pounds (32 kg) after playing Cheney.

  9. The 2011 Fujitsu V8 Supercars Series was the twelfth running of the V8 Supercar Development series, an Australian touring car racing series for V8 Supercars.

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