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  1. The former runway is used for car racing.

  2. Skegness Stadium, just outside the town, hosts stock car racing.

  3. Along with single-seater racing, Rindt took up sports car racing in the mid-1960s.

  4. Early stock car racing drivers also used Fords of this generation among other cars.

  5. With Honda's pullout, Hailwood left motorcycle racing to take up a car racing career.

  6. Dawson Cram (born September 12, 2001) is an American professional stock car racing driver.

  7. It is intended to function as the young kart racing graduate's first experience of car racing.

  8. Holden has been involved with factory backed teams in Australian touring car racing since 1968.

  9. The 2010 Sylvania 300 was a stock car racing competition that took place on September 19, 2010.

  10. Cartwright has shown an interest in stock car racing and as of 2007 was seeking a NASCAR license.

  11. For 1953 he joined the sports car racing team of Aston Martin (Feltham, Middlesex) to race the DB3.

  12. Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing is a stock car racing video game for the Super NES that was released in 1995.

  13. Michael Affarano (born June 9, 1962) is an American professional stock car racing driver and race team owner.

  14. Also, the Knoxville Raceway dirt track hosts the Knoxville Nationals, one of the classic sprint car racing events.

  15. There had been ten car racing fatalities in total at the track in the 1960s, including five in the two years previous.

  16. Pilet switched to sports car racing in 2007, and was crowned Porsche Carrera Cup France champion with IMSA Performance.

  17. Fred started his stock car racing career at the then Waterford Speedbowl driving Bob "Slim" Ross' #222 'Bounty Hunter' car.

  18. In 1996, Moroso considered spending $2 million on a one-mile oval track for stock car racing, but those plans fell through.

  19. He previously competed in Formula Renault Eurocup and SMP F4 Championship before making the switch to stock car racing in 2020.

  20. He was also successful in sports car racing, winning the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans paired with Masten Gregory in a Ferrari 250LM.

  21. She later progressed to car racing in Skip Barber and Formula Mazda, winning 25 races and two series titles in the former in 2010.

  22. There is stock car racing held each week in the summer months in the Pleasure Park organised by the British Stock Car Association.

  23. The running track was used for dirt track racing between 1928 and 1932, greyhound racing from 1933 to 1968, and Midget car racing in 1948.

  24. Deaths in motorsport overall are still a tragic regular occurrence however, with motorcycle racing suffering more instances than car racing.

  25. Tziortzis made the switch to stock car racing in 2020 after he was signed by NASCAR Whelen Euro Series team Alex Caffi Motorsport to drive the No.

  26. Hattori Racing Enterprises (HRE) is a Japanese-American professional stock car racing team that currently competes in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

  27. Bale then portrayed sports car racing driver Ken Miles in the 2019 sports drama Ford v Ferrari, for which he lost 70 pounds (32 kg) after playing Cheney.

  28. The 2011 Fujitsu V8 Supercars Series was the twelfth running of the V8 Supercar Development series, an Australian touring car racing series for V8 Supercars.

  29. The Metalmoro JLM AJR is a sports prototype race car, designed, developed and built by Brazilian manufacturer Metalmoro, for endurance sports car racing, in 2017.

  30. The 2021 GT Cup Open Europe was the third season of the GT Cup Open Europe, the grand tourer-style sports car racing series founded by the Spanish GT Sport OrganizaciĆ³n.

  31. The slow-selling Starliner semi-hardtop coupe was cancelled, leaving Ford no choice than to compete in stock car racing with the Club Victoria, which had a formal roofline.

  32. Onchan Pleasure Park is a leisure park which has a boating lake, miniature golf course, football pitch, tennis courts and a British Stock Car Association stock car racing track.

  33. Martinsville Speedway is an International Speedway Corporation-owned NASCAR stock car racing track located in Henry County, in Ridgeway, Virginia, just to the south of Martinsville.

  34. Wilfried Edgar Barth (26 January 1917 in Herold – 20 May 1965 in Ludwigsburg) was a German (East German until 1957, then West German) Formula One and sports car racing driver.

  35. Rackley-Willie Allen Racing (shortened to Rackley-W.A.R.) is an American stock car racing team that competes in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Super Late Model, and Pro Late Model.

  36. The 2012 International GT Open season was the seventh season of the International GT Open, the grand tourer-style sports car racing founded in 2006 by the Spanish GT Sport OrganizaciĆ³n.

  37. Freiberg moved to sports car racing in 2013, entering the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge before moving to the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge in 2014 and 2015, earning two outright victories.

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