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Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word circulars in a sentence.

  1. Long stumped throughout the state, personally distributing circulars and posters.

  2. During the campaign, Seaman had mailed out many circulars criticizing Garcia, as did Garcia of Seaman.

  3. To combat this, Long purchased two new $30,000 sound trucks and distributed over two million circulars.

  4. Livinhac defined a constitution for the society, wrote many circulars giving direction to the missionaries, and sponsored publication of several magazines.

  5. All four performances sold out on the first day of booking, even, as Britten told a friend, "before any advertisement & with 2000 circulars yet to be sent!

  6. In addition to inviting the ten artists, he had sent thousands of solicitations through the country; a number of designs were submitted in response to the circulars.

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