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Coarse in a sentence

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  1. Haley, a coarse slave trader.

  2. The fur is rather coarse and short.

  3. The orbital horns showed coarse ridges.

  4. On steeper slopes, it grows on coarse loams.

  5. The stone consists of grey and coarse granite.

  6. The cancellation is coarse for so small a shell.

  7. The stem has a mass of coarse hairs at the base.

  8. Hens make a coarse quack and the drakes a flute-like whistle.

  9. On a small ground at Belmont, the September grass was coarse.

  10. The long and coarse fur is brownish above and ochraceous below.

  11. Species of Oryzomys are medium-sized rats with long, coarse fur.

  12. The coarse fur is buff to reddish above and white to buff below.

  13. The band rejected the honour in coarse language on their website.

  14. On slopes steeper than 25%, mockernut often grows on coarse loams.

  15. Therefore, even coarse or blurred datasets provide little anonymity.

  16. The mane and tail are full, with coarse hair, and the tail is set low.

  17. They can eat coarse, dry grass and weeds if nothing else is available.

  18. Root symptoms include stubby or coarse roots that are dark at the tips.

  19. Soil textures range from coarse, rocky gravels to fine, compacted clays.

  20. Young stems are covered in coarse hairs, but these are lost as the stems age.

  21. Echidnas are medium-sized, solitary mammals covered with coarse hair and spines.

  22. The tail is dark and bears only coarse, sparse hair, except for a tuft at the tip.

  23. It may have a slightly bitter, or peppery taste, and has a coarse, grainy texture.

  24. Vegetation is sparse and consists mainly of coarse grasses and a few stunted trees.

  25. It is made of woven coarse dry grass and other plants, and lined with finer grasses.

  26. The unit then automatically adjusts the blades between the coarse and fine positions.

  27. The series carried a TV-PG rating for suggestive dialogue and coarse or crude language.

  28. Behind the incisors, two rows of six low-crowned molars are used for chewing coarse plants.

  29. The Katli river is the main source of coarse sand used for construction in its nearby region.

  30. The guard hairs are very coarse and stiff, and overlie a much softer layer of dense under-fur.

  31. During the summer, the gopher's coat is short and coarse; winter pelage is longer and furrier.

  32. It is hard, durable and has a coarse to intermediate texture and interlocked to straight grain.

  33. Bloch describes him as coarse, "addicted to alcohol [and] high-speed driving", and risqué jokes.

  34. It is woven with coarse, strong warp and filling yarns at intervals so that tears will not spread.

  35. The wolf has very dense and fluffy winter fur, with a short undercoat and long, coarse guard hairs.

  36. Fir Clump Stone Circle consisted of coarse sarsen megaliths, arranged as a double concentric circle.

  37. They are mainly found on trees (living and dead) and coarse woody debris, and may resemble mushrooms.

  38. The tail was extended by coarse hairs up to 60 cm (24 in) long, which were thicker than the guard hairs.

  39. The tracks are tridactyl (three-toed) and have large and coarse digits, with prominent claw impressions.

  40. During the Omenica Gold Rush, Robert Howell discovered coarse placer gold in Manson Creek on July 5 1871.

  41. In some older individuals, and those that burrow frequently in coarse substrates, the shell may be smooth.

  42. They have long, coarse fur that is grayish to reddish on the upperparts and white to buff on the underparts.

  43. The nest is constructed from coarse vegetation such as twigs and leaves and lined with hair or fine grasses.

  44. Coprinellus radians develops singly or in clumps on wood, from a tufted mat of coarse yellow-orange mycelium.

  45. Most were formed from coarse grained dark grey basalt known as Cerro Cintepec basalt after a volcano in the range.

  46. According to Ibn al-Khatib, he entered the city dressed like a sufi, in a plain wool cap, coarse clothes and sandals.

  47. Grow on cork bark or tree fern mounts or in pots with a coarse, free-draining growing media (fir bark or equivalent).

  48. The Key Largo Limestone is a coarse stone formed from stony corals, between 69 and 200 ft (21 and 61 m) in thickness.

  49. They can also eat coarse grasses, and can even manage to ingest some poisonous plants that can prove fatal for cattle.

  50. In contrast, the Australians were regarded by the social standards of the 19th century as coarse, rowdy and uncultured.

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Synonyms for coarse

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word coarse has the following synonyms: common, rough-cut, uncouth, vulgar, unrefined, inferior, crude, earthy, gross, indecent, harsh, coarse-grained, large-grained, farinaceous, grainy, granular, granulose, gritty, mealy, granulated, plushy, plush-like, loose, open, rough and unsmooth.

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