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  1. He was detached from Wahoo in June 1953.

  2. The cruiser was successfully detached at 18:14.

  3. Flynn, USN, were detached from Task Force 44 to intercept.

  4. A mudslide detached part of a small bridge on Highway 184.

  5. The usually detached households generally have two or more cars.

  6. On 30 April the ship was detached from the Sonderverband Ostsee.

  7. Gemini B had an autonomy of about 14 hours once detached from MOL.

  8. There practically all of the pilots and observers were detached from the squadron.

  9. He is presented as a highly intelligent but perhaps detached and impassive person.

  10. Cradock realized the uselessness of Otranto in the line of battle and detached her.

  11. A detached battalion of 7th SS Division would act as a blocking force driving north.

  12. After 1916, Hand preferred to retreat from party politics into a detached skepticism.

  13. A series of detached casemates and infantry shelters are in the vicinity of Schoenenbourg, including.

  14. During the 19th and 20th century, the term "villa" became widespread for detached mansions in Europe.

  15. Emden rejoined the East Asia Squadron, then was detached for independent raiding in the Indian Ocean.

  16. To alleviate these problems, Saunders created a detached control device, essentially an early gamepad.

  17. In the 1960s, the area was detached from the rest of Downtown with the construction of Interstate 195.

  18. The forward superstructure and funnel is detached from the rest of the ship and lies on its port side.

  19. Some detached and fell to the ground, causing no injuries but sparking concern among Boston residents.

  20. By the late 1920s, several folios had detached completely and were kept separate from the main volume.

  21. Sousa Neto and his gauchos had detached from the main force weeks before to pursue Muñoz and his army.

  22. The three escorting destroyers were detached at 04:14 on 22 May, while the force steamed off Trondheim.

  23. She also reported his detached attitude towards the recall—and presumed execution—of their controllers.

  24. After two months supporting ground forces on Okinawa, Radford's fleet was detached from that operation.

  25. McKinley's regiment was detached from the Army of the Potomac and returned by train to western Virginia.

  26. Bomb near-misses heavily damaged Maikaze, and Hashimoto detached Nagatsuki to tow her back to Shortland.

  27. Median household income is $39,319, and average estimated value of detached houses in 2009 was $213,391.

  28. Laverdure detached a small column of troops to take his wounded to Khénifra, remaining behind with the rest of the force.

  29. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden "villa" denotes most forms of single-family detached homes, regardless of size and standard.

  30. Officially detached from Darter in November 1944, following her loss the previous month, he returned to the United States.

  31. A large barn was completely destroyed, a detached garage was swept away, and a manufactured home was damaged in this area.

  32. The house and detached tower are among the earliest uses of brick as the principal building material for an English house.

  33. One of the 330th Infantry Regiment's three battalions was detached from 5 August to 25 September to reinforce Task Force A.

  34. Curtis planned on stopping the pursuit, but the detached troops were returned to him the next day, and the pursuit resumed.

  35. The parachute detached at about 50 kilometres (31 mi) above the surface; simple air braking was used for the final descent.

  36. As Taylor's brigade moved into action, the 7th Louisiana was detached and the 8th Louisiana was the brigade's leading unit.

  37. The thunderstorms became detached from the circulation, causing Ele to weaken to a tropical depression late on September 9.

  38. Her air group was detached to Rabaul on 2 April to participate in Operation I-Go, a land-based aerial offensive against Allied bases in the Solomon Islands and New Guinea.

  39. He was detached from Seattle on 12 September 1927, and after two months at the Fifth Naval District at Norfolk, Virginia, joined the battleship USS New York on 5 November.

  40. The documentary makers omitted the crew's conclusion that they probably saw one of the four detached spacecraft adapter panels from the upper stage of the Saturn V rocket.

  41. In 1965, the Duke and Duchess visited London as the Duke required eye surgery for a detached retina; Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, visited them.

  42. The following day, Saratoga was detached with an escort of three destroyers to join the amphibious forces and carry out night patrols over Iwo Jima and nearby Chichi Jima.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word detached has the following synonyms: degage, uninvolved, unconcerned, free, unfixed, freestanding, separate, semidetached, isolated, separated, set-apart and unconnected.

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