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Discharge in a sentence

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word discharge in a sentence.

  1. He received an honorable discharge in 1973.

  2. After his discharge, he struggled with drug problems.

  3. This led to a medical discharge on September 15, 1951.

  4. Causeways were constructed to allow them to discharge.

  5. He held the rank of corporal at the time of his discharge.

  6. Taking his discharge in 1919, Brownell returned to Australia.

  7. Officers who did not choose to stand for re-election were also offered a discharge.

  8. Turret One's left gun misfired and its crew was unable to get the gun to discharge.

  9. In 1967, having achieved the rank of captain, he was granted an honorable discharge.

  10. After his discharge, Bradburn spent several years fighting for Mexican independence.

  11. Aesesa river has a length of 87 km with an average discharge of around 7.5 m/second.

  12. Some modern air guns are designed to discharge arrows and are called arrow guns or sometimes airbows.

  13. Unit 4 also had cooling towers constructed which resulted in zero discharge into the Muskingum River.

  14. Beecham and his brother Henry had to sell enough of their father's estate to discharge this mortgage.

  15. After his discharge from the Australian Imperial Force, Whittle re-settled in Hobart with his family.

  16. Edgar Poe first met his cousin Virginia in August 1829, four months after his discharge from the Army.

  17. It has to be greater than one to maintain stability during a discharge; in ZETA it was about 1⁄3.

  18. Of women with these less common symptoms (vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, and pus), 10–15% have cancer.

  19. This cervical mucus can be detected as a vaginal discharge that is copious and resembles raw egg whites.

  20. The next day, they recrossed the Ohio River and received their discharge papers at Louisville, Kentucky.

  21. After his discharge he returned to Batavia briefly, where he taught himself to drive in a 1934 Plymouth.

  22. After his discharge from the New Zealand Military Forces in 1946, he was employed as a traffic inspector.

  23. Common signs are a discharge from the nasal passage, sneezing, and frantic movement such as head shaking.

  24. His discharge was due to stomach ulcers and he later had a major operation to remove part of his stomach.

  25. Pesticides, runoff, and industrial discharge are all harmful to the bog turtles' habitat and food supply.

  26. Major Jason Johnston, a Marine Corps spokesman at The Pentagon, was unable to comment on Gale's discharge.

  27. Agnew returned home for discharge in November 1945, having been awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Bronze Star.

  28. Following his discharge, Newland retained the rank of captain and returned to service with the permanent military forces.

  29. In Brittany Saint-Michel-en-Grève was opened as a port for LSTs to discharge ammunition in support of the siege of Brest.

  30. Wetlands were drained and paved, unable to filter pollutants from the water, made worse by the river's own slow discharge.

  31. This at least dates back to 1898 when the beet sugar factory sent the wastewater discharge through a pipe to Ormond Beach.

  32. Runoff mostly happens in the form of high runoff discharge events that occur in a very short period (called flash floods).

  33. Peeler resumed his duties as custodian of the Shrine of Remembrance on his discharge, guiding visitors around the memorial.

  34. As they had been told not to discharge their urine to space to avoid disturbing the trajectory, they had to store it in bags.

  35. He instead served two months at Fort Riley, Kansas, before being granted a general discharge from the army for unsuitability.

  36. So faithfully did he discharge his duty as keeper of the ruins, that little now remains but to preserve what he accomplished.

  37. Alternately, the Seminole name may derive from walaka (from wi-alaka, "water" and "coming"), perhaps a reference to the river's slow discharge and the tidal effects on it.

  38. As with the other noble gases, helium has metastable energy levels that allow it to remain ionized in an electrical discharge with a voltage below its ionization potential.

  39. After his discharge, he worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad and was affected by the Penn Central Transportation Company bankruptcy in 1970, the largest bankruptcy in U.S.

  40. On June 17, 1864 the regiment was re-organized following the discharge of the original three year enlistees and Parker was transferred to Company B and promoted to corporal.

  41. The USGS also measured discharge at the village of Larrys Creek, very near the creek's mouth, as part of water quality measurements on seven occasions between 1970 and 1975.

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Discharged in a sentence

Discharged is a variation of discharge, below you can find example sentences for discharged.

  1. He was discharged in 1876.

  2. He was discharged in May 2013.

  3. He was discharged on 9 February 1990.

  4. After the war, Kabanov was discharged.

  5. Nellie was discharged from Lansing's St.

  6. He was discharged from the AIF on 31 May.

  7. He was honorably discharged in June 1815.

  8. He was medically discharged in early 1917.

  9. He was honourably discharged as a captain.

  10. Many threatened to mutiny if not discharged.

  11. Two days later, he was medically discharged.

  12. He was honorably discharged on June 18, 1946.

  13. He was discharged from the AIF on 9 March 1920.

  14. He was discharged from the Air Force on 11 July.

  15. He was discharged from the armed forces in 1946.

  16. He was discharged from the AFC on 18 August 1919.

  17. The meltwater is discharged into the storm drains.

  18. Cotton was honorably discharged in September 2009.

  19. LaRocco was honorably discharged on June 10, 1972.

  20. He was discharged from the Air Force on 8 October.

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Discharged—just in a sentence

Discharged—just is a variation of discharge, below you can find example sentences for discharged—just.

  1. In late May 1918, the two-year service contracts signed by the original 500 RNR volunteers expired, and the majority of those who had not already been discharged—just under 400 men—went home.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Rhodesia_in_World_War_I

Discharger in a sentence

Discharger is a variation of discharge, below you can find example sentences for discharger.

  1. A discharger in electronics is a device or circuit that releases stored energy or electric charge from a battery, capacitor or other source.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discharger

Dischargers in a sentence

Dischargers is a variation of discharge, below you can find example sentences for dischargers.

  1. Under the Act's NPDES, dischargers must obtain permits limiting the type and quantity of pollutants they can release into the Nation's waters.

  2. Municipal wastewater treatment facilities, industrial dischargers, and power generating stations are point source dischargers along the coast of the Oxnard plain.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Florida_Water_Management_District_v._Miccosukee_Tribe, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxnard_Plain

Discharges in a sentence

Discharges is a variation of discharge, below you can find example sentences for discharges.

  1. It discharges into the Târnava Mare in Șoard.

  2. It discharges into the Siret near Independența.

  3. It discharges into the Iza in Sighetu Marmației.

  4. No discharges were recorded for the second capacitor.

  5. It discharges into the Crișul Negru in the village Finiș.

  6. Unexpected electrostatic discharges have cut tethers (e.g.

  7. It is an estuarine port, where Beypore river discharges into the Arabian Sea.

  8. Samples from mounds built by discharges from the hydrothermal plumes resembled white smokers.

  9. The water is polluted by sewage discharges from Halifax and is considered heavily contaminated.

  10. The mean hospital charge was 2.5 times higher for discharges with ICU services than for those without.

  11. The hospital discharges 7,287 patients annually with a total of 28,908 patient days of hospitalization.

  12. In October 2013, the Vaasa Administrative Court ruled that the company must limit waste water discharges.

  13. The uncontrolled spillway discharges overflow at the rate of 900 cubic metres per second (32,000 cu ft/s).

  14. It discharges into the Dâmbovița in Lunca Its length is 30 km (19 mi) and its basin size is 97 km (37 sq mi).

  15. For 2013, the hospital had a total of 173 discharges, with 536 patient days, and 12,074 emergency department visits.

  16. It discharges at the Port of Chester on the northern perimeter of the Trainer Refinery and south of Stoney Creek Yard.

  17. The main stem often discharges less water than the South Fork alone in the summer months because of numerous diversions.

  18. Burhop and Bohm later studied the characteristics of electric discharges in magnetic fields, today known as Bohm diffusion.

  19. It passes through the communities of Brookings to the north and Harbor to the south, and discharges into the Pacific Ocean.

  20. The officers received discharges on January 1, 1781, and the enlisted men of the unit were transferred to the Maryland Line.

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Synonyms for discharge

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word discharge has the following synonyms: dismissal, dismission, firing, liberation, release, sack, sacking, emission, expelling, firing off, , outpouring, run, waiver, spark, arc, electric arc, electric discharge, venting, acquit, assoil, clear, exonerate, exculpate, dispatch, complete, drop, drop off, set down, put down, unload, empty, expel, eject, fire, go off, free and muster out.

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