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  1. On 11 January 1941, Joyce underwent surgery in Z├╝rich for a perforated duodenal ulcer.

  2. On 14 November, a duodenal ulcer perforated, from which he spent six months recovering.

  3. Acquisition at an older age brings different gastric changes more likely to lead to duodenal ulcer.

  4. He enjoyed his time at Harvard, but was taken ill while there: a duodenal ulcer prostrated him for some weeks.

  5. He did not see further combat, largely because of ill health caused by a duodenal ulcer, for which he had an operation in November 1917.

  6. A ruptured duodenal ulcer caused kidney failure, and he declined to undergo the dialysis that might have prolonged his life for a few months.

  7. However, in January, a duodenal ulcer followed by several infections kept her bedridden for weeks, greatly delaying the completion of Silent Spring.

  8. He was turned down because training had given him a duodenal ulcer, and his hearing was still problematic; as a result he was downgraded from A1 to B1 fitness at the start of 1943.

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