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  1. Only Beriah Magoffin resigned under duress.

  2. Veltmann objected that each statement was obtained under duress and was not voluntary.

  3. Under extreme duress, virtually all the POWs eventually yielded something to their captors.

  4. My lawyer said that I was under mental duress when I signed the contract so the contract is void.

  5. Further investigations proved the scam was perpetrated by Elizabeth Parsons, under duress from her father.

  6. Blackburn said that he would only sign under protest and duress, and asked what the penalty was for not signing.

  7. Under duress, Shackleton agreed not to work from McMurdo Sound, which Scott was claiming as his own sphere of work.

  8. The Papacy was never on good terms with the Normans, except when under duress by the threat of direct military action.

  9. In 1548, Bucer was persuaded, under duress, to sign the Augsburg Interim, which imposed certain forms of Catholic worship.

  10. Geoffrey's youth was one of Alexander's objections to Geoffrey's election, and the pope only confirmed the office under duress.

  11. The Grodno Sejm, convened under duress in June, ratified the partition and was also forced to rescind the Constitution of 3 May 1791.

  12. Confederate troops no longer confident of their commander, deserted Lee by the thousands, starving and under the duress of trench warfare.

  13. Ure was an unwilling informant: even with duress, Thomson was only able to gain his cooperation with "the cup that cheers" (that is, rum):.

  14. He claimed that Israel Hands had talked under duress, and that under North Carolinian law the other witness, an African, was unable to testify.

  15. Not all the 25 men who remained on Bounty were mutineers; Bligh's launch was overloaded, and some who stayed with the ship did so under duress.

  16. It was made clear that the king would not be bound by the treaty because it had been signed when he was a prisoner under duress to give promises.

  17. Dominic Monaghan was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio's underwater performance in Titanic and opened his mouth briefly underwater to appear under greater duress.

  18. A peace arrangement was agreed upon in December, 1759, although the Cherokee agreed under duress, and the pro-war faction of the Cherokee did not obey its terms.

  19. He instructed them not to, according to his memoirs, telling them that many rural blacks only assisted the guerrillas under extreme duress, and that it would not do to attack them.

  20. Marriage between a Muslim woman and a Christian man was to be avoided unless under duress, and while doing so the Muslims should "cleave firmly to the belief that that is forbidden".

  21. Although Polk had the military prepare for war, he did not believe it would come to that; he thought Mexico would give in under duress, which proved to be a significant miscalculation.

  22. On 30 June, the King ordered England's serfs to return to their previous conditions of service, and on 2 July the royal charters signed under duress during the rising were formally revoked.

  23. An emergency tax was imposed occasionally and were applicable when the kingdom was under duress, such as when it faced natural calamities, or was preparing for war or overcoming war's ravages.

  24. The agreement, signed under duress, restricted the Native Americans to inadequate reservations, and in 1855, the Puget Sound War broke out, bringing unrest to the region over the following two years.

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