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  1. A few of them escaped to Laos.

  2. The two brothers then escaped.

  3. The Yorkists escaped into exile.

  4. He escaped with facial bruising.

  5. After several months he escaped.

  6. The real Estrada Cabrera escaped.

  7. Hobbamock escaped to warn Plymouth.

  8. He was incarcerated, but later escaped.

  9. He escaped, but lost most of his ships.

  10. Roy escaped with a dislocated shoulder.

  11. He was dropped on two and escaped a stumping on 25.

  12. He escaped bail and was smuggled to Taiwan in 1978.

  13. Jesse Hunter, the escaped convict, was never found.

  14. Henry had Conrad captured, but he escaped to Milan.

  15. Duke Robert was taken prisoner, but Bellême escaped.

  16. Twelve Texians were killed, including Grant, four were captured, and six escaped.

  17. By mid-afternoon, close to 10,000 German troops had escaped through the corridor.

  18. By 18 September, most of the German nationals had escaped via the Turkish border.

  19. Both ships immediately raised steam, and Dresden escaped after a five-hour chase.

  20. Out of a crew of at least 400, fewer than 35 escaped, a casualty rate of over 90%.

  21. He escaped via Yugoslavia and Greece to France, and then to the UK to serve with the Royal Air Force.

  22. Their greatest enemies come in the form of demons, corrupted human souls that have escaped from Hell.

  23. Vytautas escaped to the Teutonic fortress of Marienburg and was baptised there under the name Wigand.

  24. She escaped with minor damage, in what was the last major action involving the Austro-Hungarian Navy.

  25. Scudder flees and moments later, escaped convict Stroud kidnaps him and brings him to Brother Justin.

  26. Regardless, Nymphe escaped and the French vessels could not get underway quickly enough to catch her.

  27. During a storm, the three junks escaped upriver; a detachment of Marines pursued and recaptured them.

  28. Days later, Gaozong narrowly escaped on horseback, just a few hours ahead of Jurchen vanguard troops.

  29. In 1487, Choe Bu was sent to Jeju Island to check the registers for escaped slaves from the mainland.

  30. In the folklore, the French buried the gold and escaped from the area, pursued and hunted by warriors.

  31. Other legends claimed that Harold did not die at Hastings, but escaped and became a hermit at Chester.

  32. The rains caused flooding along streets and low-lying areas, but property generally escaped unscathed.

  33. Later legends claimed that Harold did not die at Hastings, but escaped and became a hermit at Chester.

  34. Three laps later, Kyle Busch, in seventh place, collided with the wall, but escaped with minor damage.

  35. The police report stated that it was "in a miraculous and unaccountable way [that] he escaped injury".

  36. White eventually escaped from being trafficked and went on to work with GEMS to raise awareness on the issue in New York.

  37. With an estimated IQ of 68, Delbert escaped prosecution by claiming that the police had tricked him during interrogation.

  38. Savchenko suggested that Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta were escaped moons rather than fragments of the exploded planet).

  39. When she could no longer bear living without him, she tried to lure him beneath the waves but he escaped by shooting her.

  40. She also pursued HMS Columbine and HMS Pique, though both ships escaped after realizing that she was an American frigate.

  41. By this time, Cẩn had escaped to a Catholic seminary, but was considering applying to the Americans for political asylum.

  42. The Seminole, in alliance with escaped slaves, frequently raided Georgia settlements before retreating back into Florida.

  43. Other Australian warships, including the light cruiser Hobart and several corvettes successfully escaped from NEI waters.

  44. While awaiting trial, he escaped using the identification papers of a fellow inmate awaiting transfer to a forestry camp.

  45. The convoy reached Kure on 20 February, having evaded or escaped pursuit by twenty-three Allied submarines along the way.

  46. The defence responded with three witnesses, who each believed that they had encountered a "poor, miserable wretch" at the end of January, when she claimed to have escaped.

  47. Hensley was arrested in Tennessee on moonshine-related charges during the Prohibition era and sentenced to a term in a workhouse, from which he escaped and fled the state.

  48. Twelve years later Oxford escaped from prison and joined Henry Tudor's fight against the Yorkists, commanding the Lancastrian army at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

  49. A Lodestar crashed and burned on takeoff at Merauke on 26 January 1945 but all aboard escaped injury; it was the only hull loss suffered by the type in Australian service.

  50. They appeared before Justice Walters, who sent them to the New Prison in Clerkenwell, but they escaped from their cell, known as the Newgate Ward, within a matter of days.

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