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  1. Gray, in a speech that evinced his admiration for the Senator, said of Bayard:.

  2. Jim evinced a fascination with aviation from an early age, carving model aeroplanes out of wood.

  3. Like Low, "Heroes" evinced the zeitgeist of the Cold War, symbolised by the divided city of Berlin.

  4. Author Colin Burgess wrote, "the life-or-death flight of Apollo 13 dramatically evinced the colossal risks inherent in manned spaceflight.

  5. No etcher of this early English period evinced a truer and more subtle understanding and handling of the medium than Crome's pupil, the Rev.

  6. Jones also evinced an interest in unidentified flying objects, having first encountered unexplained aerial phenomena at Warrnambool, Victoria, in 1930.

  7. It purported to be written to promote "the amelioration of the condition of the American seaman", a subject in which she had not otherwise evinced interest.

  8. Often they [the judges] turned from one question to another, changing about, but, notwithstanding this, she answered prudently, and evinced a wonderful memory.

  9. Folk stories from Australia and Papua New Guinea feature them.They were also included in Indigenous Australian cave art, as evinced by several surviving examples.

  10. She took an active interest in recruitment, her liberal social outlook evinced by her determination that single women with children should not be barred from entry to the WAAAF.

  11. Certainly the English are a proud, cruel sordid tyrannic selfish nation, as they have evinced by their brutal conduct in Asia, Africa, America, Ireland, Denmark, and in Scotland ..

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