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  1. Each drone received an electronic eyepiece.

  2. There are three holes at the top and bottom of the fragment to affix the eyepiece to a helmet.

  3. The Gevninge eyepiece is 8 cm (3 in) wide and 5 cm (2 in) tall, moulded from bronze and gilded.

  4. The sunlight that is destined for the eyepiece is reflected from an unsilvered surface of a piece of glass.

  5. The eyepiece may have been made at nearby Lejre, the seat of the Scylding kings during the Iron and Viking ages.

  6. The Gevninge helmet fragment is the dexter eyepiece of a helmet from the Viking Age or end of the Nordic Iron Age.

  7. NGC 1931 is approximately 6,000 light-years from Earth and could easily be confused with a comet in the eyepiece of a telescope.

  8. Depicting the eyepiece of the microscope is Gamma Microscopii, which—at magnitude of 4.68—is the brightest star in the constellation.

  9. The top and bottom of the fragment each have three holes, presumably used to attach it to the helmet where it would have formed the dexter eyepiece.

  10. IC 1297 is small, at only 7 arcseconds in diameter; it has been described as "a square with rounded edges" in the eyepiece, elongated in the north–south direction.

  11. He was out with friends near Stanfield, Arizona, observing star clusters and galaxies when he chanced across the comet while at the eyepiece of his friend's telescope.

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