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  1. The cephalic fins are usually spiraled but flatten during foraging.

  2. Williams Neilson management made the decision to flatten the bar to the shape that it is today.

  3. The resulting powder might then be processed further in a ball mill to flatten it into flakes for use as a coating or pigment.

  4. In younger specimens, they are conical or nearly so, but as the mushroom matures, the caps flatten into a more convex or flat shape.

  5. Alongside the use of stickers, Mario can "Paperize" the environment to flatten his surroundings and reveal stickers and other secrets.

  6. Leonetti preferred shooting with long lenses to provide a more claustrophobic feel, but made sure the length did not flatten the image.

  7. The bracts of these early forms tended to remain cupped around the flower head rather than flatten out like the native Australian forms.

  8. The bass drum decay control allows users to lengthen the sound, creating uniquely low frequencies that flatten slightly over time, possibly not by design.

  9. While feeding, mantas flatten their cephalic fins to channel food into their mouths and the small particles are collected by the tissue between the gill arches.

  10. Submissive ones will lower their heads and trunks, as well as flatten their ears against their necks, while those that accept a challenge will position their ears in a V shape.

  11. The weather was too bad for Illustrious to rescue the steamer's crew, but she pumped fuel oil overboard to flatten the seas until a tug arrived to rescue the ship on 27 October.

  12. The clear, strong light tends to flatten the form and bleach the colour; a problem that doesn't lend itself to the dramatic tensions and dark moods that are characteristic of her work.

  13. Ignimbrites cover and flatten its northern and eastern slopes, while in the west and south lava domes and coulées predominate; these have often rough surfaces and are difficult to traverse.

  14. In an alternative method of swimming, some species flatten themselves dorso-ventrally, and swim with the arms held out sideways, and this may provide lift and be faster than normal swimming.

  15. Yardley decided to use the medium roller to flatten out the surface, but further showers breathed more life into the pitch, forcing a rain break immediately after the start of England's run chase.

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