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  1. The Lost World, at best, will be a footnote.

  2. He added a footnote to this effect to his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

  3. Baker wrote, Willis is today only referred to as a footnote in relation to other authors.

  4. In his footnote, Titius declared "But should the Lord Architect have left that space empty?

  5. This footnote has led many scholars to assume that Point du Sable had settled in Chicago by 1779.

  6. In a final footnote, the opinion provided an answer key to all trivia questions contained therein.

  7. In an historical footnote, the band from the school played "Hail to the Chief" during President John F.

  8. This source appears to have been a footnote in an 1866 article, which quoted Breton, but gave an incorrect citation.

  9. In these histories it is usually confined to a brief mention or footnote, with little attention given to its achievements.

  10. In 1930, a footnote was appended to the laws, stating that "the goal-keeper must not move his feet until the penalty kick has been taken".

  11. He rejoices at the abandonment of the catechism for children "Living stones" where the divinity of Jesus Christ was affirmed only in a footnote.

  12. While often treated as a footnote to the concurrent expeditions of Amundsen and Scott, the Japanese party achieved several notable distinctions.

  13. Additional reference and distinction between a regular Confederate Army and the PACS is superfluous except perhaps as a minor historical footnote.

  14. Unlike the asterisk in printed English, it is spaced on both sides, apart from associated footnote letters or numbers, which follow it immediately.

  15. Guy Benson came out as gay in May 2015 by announcing in advance of publication that his new book, End of Discussion, would include a footnote: "Guy here.

  16. In a footnote to this passage, written later, Gray adds: "When I read this assessment now, I simply feel embarrassed at what a little snob I was when I wrote it..

  17. In the decades following his death, Parsons was well remembered among the Western esoteric community; his scientific recognition frequently amounted to a footnote.

  18. For reasons of space, the periodic table is commonly presented with the f-block elements cut out and placed as a footnote below the main body of the table, as below.

  19. Contrary to his typical portrayal, which he considered "by no means entirely fair", Harris believed that it would be wrong to dismiss Andreas as a footnote in history.

  20. So, ⟨word*⟩ is transcribed ⟨⠘⠺⠀⠔⠔⟩, as is ⟨word⟩; the numbered footnote in ⟨word⟩ is written ⟨⠘⠺⠀⠔⠔⠼⠉⟩.

  21. The story is not accepted as part of the original text by the editors of the critical edition of the Mahabharata, in which the twenty-line story is relegated to a footnote in an appendix.

  22. In his 1829 account of the visit to Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, Lesson mentioned encountering masked boobies, and in a footnote proposed the binomial name Sula dactylatra.

  23. Thus Hannah, Countess of Rosebery, in her day celebrated in the worlds of politics, philanthropy, and high society, has become a historical footnote to her husband's better documented career.

  24. McHenry's journal on the Constitutional Convention first appeared in print, in its entirety including the footnote mentioning Powel, in the April 1906 issue of The American Historical Review.

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