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  1. He is currently a free agent.

  2. Louis once he became a free agent.

  3. Gragg became a free agent in March 2017.

  4. He became a free agent after the season.

  5. During this time, Vuoso was a free agent.

  6. He became a free agent following the season.

  7. He became a free agent after the 2017 season.

  8. On 27 January 2015, Mawejje became a free agent.

  9. He became a free agent following the 2018 season.

  10. He was contracted as an amateur free agent by the St.

  11. He became a free agent at the conclusion of the season.

  12. Kovalchuk became an unrestricted free agent on 1 July 2010.

  13. The Buffalo Bills signed Pingel as an undrafted free agent.

  14. Weber was not selected in the draft and became a free agent.

  15. Gaye was signed by the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent on May 12, 2023.

  16. After the 2010 season, Jeter became a free agent for the first time in his career.

  17. Currently a free agent, he most recently played for UAE Pro League club Al Bataeh.

  18. The Washington Redskins signed Shepherd as an undrafted free agent on May 14, 2014.

  19. On April 29, 2013, he signed with the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent.

  20. Anderson was signed as a free agent by Western Bulldogs on 29 May, prior to the 2017 AFL Women's draft.

  21. The Diamondbacks declined to tender Whitesell a contract on December 13, 2009, making him a free agent.

  22. The Rockets were granted the exception, and used approximately $5.7 million on free agent Trevor Ariza.

  23. After two years with Chicago, Rödin's contract was not renewed by the Canucks, making him a free agent.

  24. The striker was then snapped up by Mamelodi Sundowns on a lucrative three-year contract as a free agent.

  25. Trey was signed by the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League as a free agent on September 11.

  26. Salazar, who was known by the nickname "Angel", was signed by Montreal as an amateur free agent in 1980.

  27. Wiggins went undrafted in the 1999 NFL Draft and signed with the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent.

  28. Austin Edwards (born August 27, 1997) is an American football defensive end who is currently a free agent.

  29. Damion DaShon Square (born February 6, 1989) is an American football defensive tackle who is a free agent.

  30. After going undrafted in the 2013 NFL Draft, Square was signed as a free agent by the Philadelphia Eagles.

  31. Cramer was signed by the Royals in 2015, following his junior year at Stanford University, as a free agent.

  32. On March 9, 2018, the 49ers did not pick up the 2018 option on Dumervil's contract, making him a free agent.

  33. He played college football at Georgia, and signed with the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent in 1999.

  34. Evan Jacob Kruczynski (born March 31, 1995) is an American professional baseball pitcher who is a free agent.

  35. McDermott signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent following the 2018 NFL Draft on April 30, 2018.

  36. Consequently, he left the team as a free agent and signed a three-year, $16 million contract with the Colorado Avalanche.

  37. In January 2008, Asencio signed a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox and became a free agent after the season.

  38. He played college football at Ohio State and was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Titans after the 2021 NFL Draft.

  39. On 11 July 2014, he was signed as a free agent for Cosenza on a one-year contract, which had the option of being extended.

  40. His first formal act as commissioner was to declare infielder Phil Todt a free agent, dissolving his contract with the St.

  41. In February, the New York Knicks made two trades that put them in position to bid on Howard in the 1996 free agent market.

  42. After going unselected in the 2021 NFL Draft, Ogbongbemiga signed as an undrafted free agent with the Los Angeles Chargers.

  43. He entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent and played for Atlanta, Washington, Cleveland, Los Angeles Rams and San Diego.

  44. On 21 June 2022, free agent Oliván moved to RCD Espanyol also in the main category, after agreeing to a three-year contract.

  45. Set to become a restricted free agent in the off-season, Sweatt did not receive a qualifying offer from the Canucks, making him an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2011.

  46. In May 2013, Foster signed with the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, as an undrafted free agent He played three preseason games with the Chiefs before being cut from the team.

  47. After averaging 17 points per game as a rookie and more than 22 per game in his second season, Howard became a free agent when the Bullets made some salary cap transactions.

  48. He became a free agent again in the off-season when the Orioles, who had earlier signed Dwight Evans, elected not to exercise the option on his contract on December 15, 1990.

  49. At the conclusion of his contract the Blackhawks, Gustafsson left as a free agent and was signed to a one-year, $800,000 contract with the Washington Capitals on 13 July 2022.

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