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  1. The relatively calm waters are free of sharks.

  2. Testing began the following morning, free of charge.

  3. However, Thảo broke free of the weight and swam to safety.

  4. She also received the right to mail letters free of charge.

  5. He performed free of charge as he wanted to work with Haasan.

  6. Females prefer nesting on beaches free of artificial lighting.

  7. Torn sails and rigging were also replaced and the hull scraped free of barnacles.

  8. The toes have a fleshy webbing at their base, and the fingers are free of webbing.

  9. All albatross colonies are on islands that historically were free of land mammals.

  10. Over half of Canada's landscape is intact and relatively free of human development.

  11. The event was available free of charge for Armed Forces members and their families.

  12. The newspapers are free of charge and financed by advertisements locked at a $60 maximum per edition.

  13. At other times of the year it is shown free of charge at 4:30 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

  14. It went on display in the entrance hall of the museum where it was viewed free of charge until 5 May.

  15. Furthermore, elections were generally free of chicanery, engendering pride in the national parliament.

  16. In Barceloneta, he built his own port and was able to ship his commodities and products free of taxes.

  17. Its ease of use and availability free of charge has spawned numerous communities throughout the world.

  18. The original requirement that the site be free of craters had to be relaxed, as no such site was found.

  19. With both parents dead, she considered herself free of human attachments and able to live as a vagabond.

  20. There may have existed a "Humbrian confederacy" that included the Mercians until Penda broke free of it.

  21. However, summer in 1930 had been particularly warm, and the surrounding sea was practically free of ice.

  22. Despite this lack of diversity, Mann's time with the Packers was largely free of overt racial incidents.

  23. The music then comes to a virtual halt, "bleached free of colour" (Hill), as the Sage blesses the earth.

  24. This demon, Skorne, broke free of Garm's control, crushing him and imprisoning his soul in the underworld.

  25. In them, the air is relatively free of clouds and heat can escape from the depths without much absorption.

  26. He remarked that Jonny possessed "a straight-ahead, right-on attitude" free of introspection or self-doubt.

  27. That said, the language used in the sources has to be unbiased or free of emotion, because of its use for fact retrieval.

  28. Polycrystalline samples should ideally be fully dense, free of cracks and without preferential orientation of the grains.

  29. Exposed, Palmer-Thing transforms, breaks free of its bonds, and infects Windows, forcing MacReady to incinerate them both.

  30. Darwin was by now free of Japanese raids and Cresswell left on 12 May to become wing leader and temporary commander of No.

  31. The RCT has a wider field of view free of optical errors compared to a more traditional reflecting telescope configuration.

  32. The resulting phonograph has a flat frequency response in its passband and is free of the resonances previously experienced.

  33. In one case, however, an atypical specimen was recovered with an almost completely smooth stem, free of striations or powder.

  34. They are designed to keep a small amount of ammunition dry and free of contaminants while affording ready access by gun crews.

  35. In 2007, itv.com made the first series, with the exception of "Page One", available to be viewed on its website free of charge.

  36. The city not only mandates that the bridge be swept and washed daily, but also that the parapets be wiped free of fingerprints.

  37. The leaders of Plymouth Colony were now free of the directives of the Merchant Adventurers, and they exerted their newfound autonomy by organizing a land division in 1627.

  38. As late as the 19th century, stones from Ireland were considered efficacious against snake-bites in northern England, presumably because Ireland is famously free of snakes.

  39. Norway maple is generally free of serious diseases, though can be attacked by the powdery mildew Uncinula bicornis, and verticillium wilt disease caused by Verticillium spp.

  40. Once a corridor had been created, the First Army would then be able to advance into Brittany, rolling up the German flanks once free of the constraints of the bocage country.

  41. Scott hoped that this location, which he renamed Cape Evans after his second-in-command, would be free of ice in the short Antarctic summer, enabling the ship to come and go.

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