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  1. I took care of all patients with a grenade.

  2. It was balanced on the other side by a snub-nosed grenade launcher.

  3. Monsoor, quickly smothered the grenade with his body and was killed.

  4. By mid-July, the First Army reported a shortage of 2,300 M7 grenade launchers.

  5. At one point, he personally attacked a tank with a hand grenade, destroying it.

  6. This precluded their jumping with any weapon larger than a pistol or a grenade.

  7. Another item with a higher than expected loss rate was the M7 grenade launcher.

  8. It was in an exposed position and came under hand grenade attack from Turkish troops.

  9. The section soon came under heavy machine gun and grenade fire from six Japanese posts.

  10. It would be armed with a modern 105 mm main gun, two machine guns, and grenade launchers.

  11. It was the same thing with Ben's sergeant character, who almost intercepts a hand grenade ..

  12. Now, I was in the Army for three years and no hand grenade would make an explosion like that ..

  13. It was quickly destroyed with small-arms fire, a rocket-propelled grenade, and a 75 mm tank shell.

  14. Arena increases a tank's probability of surviving a rocket-propelled grenade by between 1.5–2 times.

  15. Abandoned equipment included 19 machine guns, 150 rifles, 6 grenade throwers and 12 Japanese swords.

  16. Late in the afternoon, Edson stepped onto a grenade box and addressed his exhausted troops, saying,.

  17. Schmid lost sight in one eye and was left with very little in the other after a grenade exploded near him.

  18. On 29 September 2006 an insurgent threw a grenade onto a rooftop where a group of Navy SEALs were positioned.

  19. Badcoe lifted himself up to throw a hand grenade, but was pulled down by Alvarado as bullets cracked overhead.

  20. As additional levels are unlocked, new weapons become available, including machine guns and grenade launchers.

  21. Rick unexpectedly stumbles out of the jungle and saves them by throwing a TiVo box into the path of the grenade.

  22. Two of the terrorists were hiding amongst the hostages; one of them produced a hand grenade when he was identified.

  23. This triggers the grenade launch, creating a smoke screen to reduce the ability of the missile to lock-on the vehicle.

  24. Shot in his arm early in the fight, Diamond's arms and hands were also ripped by the same grenade which blinded Schmid.

  25. One of the Australians then lobbed a "well aimed" grenade into the dugout, driving out ten soldiers whom Peeler then shot.

  26. The officer walked over to aid him, and as he did the Jap sprang to life and hurled a grenade which wounded him in the face.

  27. Dunham immediately threw himself on the grenade, receiving a mortal wound from the blast but saving his fellow squad members.

  28. Laguna attacks with a Machine gun and his Limit Break is Desperado, which involves a swinging rope, a grenade, and a barrage of bullets.

  29. Kupriashvili threw a grenade that blew off the horse's legs, but Kupriashvili was caught in the explosion, landing stunned on the ground.

  30. Temeraire narrowly escaped destruction when a grenade thrown from Redoutable exploded on her maindeck, nearly igniting the after-magazine.

  31. The weapon choices are largely medieval, including swords, axes, and spears, although handguns and a rocket-propelled grenade are available.

  32. Players can use several weapons including handguns, shotguns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers, as well as melee attacks.

  33. One grenade thrown into Bellerophon exploded in the gunner's storeroom, blowing open the door but fortunately blowing closed the door of the magazine.

  34. Unlike the previous games, the item size is irrelevant; a herb or a grenade launcher each occupy one space, and four items may be assigned to the D-pad.

  35. During the counterattack, a mortarman with Kilo Company, Private First Class Luther Skaggs, Jr., was critically wounded in the leg by a Japanese grenade.

  36. General Harkins reported that the suicides had occurred either by gunshot or by a grenade wrestled from the belt of an ARVN officer who was standing guard.

  37. The Japanese hit Edson's left flank just after the Parachutists took position but were again stopped by Marine rifle, machine-gun, mortar, and grenade fire.

  38. Perk effects include, but are not limited to, extra ammunition, increasing bullet damage by the player, or dropping a live grenade when the player is killed.

  39. One group of four men from Red Team abseiled from the roof down the rear of the building, while another four-man team lowered a stun grenade through the skylight.

  40. About 18:00, Rybka was wounded by a grenade blast and was later evacuated with other casualties in the light aircraft intended to carry away Tito after his capture.

  41. On 15 March, Davey was accidentally wounded by a hand grenade while the battalion was in camp, but returned to duty less than a month later, during the Battle of Arras.

  42. On the third attack, Murray organised a twenty-man grenade bombing party and led them in a charge against their attackers, pushing them back to their original start line.

  43. The detonation of the stun grenade was supposed to coincide with the abseiling teams detonating explosives to gain entry to the building through the second-floor windows.

  44. Schanzkowska had worked in a munitions factory during World War I when, shortly after her fiancé had been killed at the front, a grenade fell out of her hand and exploded.

  45. He killed two of the three enemy soldiers occupying it, but the third threw a hand grenade that wounded him severely in the shoulder and in the head, fracturing his skull.

  46. Despite his injury, Mikhail manages to swim out of the station and blasts the window of the jamming room with a grenade, killing himself and flooding the communications room.

  47. The first example of a grenade also appeared in the Byzantine Empire, consisting of ceramic jars holding glass and nails, and filled with the explosive component of Greek Fire.

  48. The Arena system was primarily designed to defeat threats such as the rocket propelled grenade and the anti-tank missile, including newer anti-tank missiles with longer ranges.

  49. When the character is within the blast radius of a live grenade, a marker indicates the direction of the grenade, helping the player to either flee or toss it back to the enemy.

  50. Additionally, Daud also has his own gadgets, such as stun mines, a concealed wrist-mounted bow, "Chokedust" grenade, which dazes enemies; and arc mines that disintegrate enemies.

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