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  1. The most severe form of hair loss and baldness is called the Hippocratic form.

  2. These include hair loss, low neutrophil levels in the blood, and gastrointestinal problems.

  3. Winter fur is retained longest by lactating females, although with some hair loss around their teats.

  4. If taken too early in the spring, the hide would have holes from warble flies and hair loss from seasonal moulting.

  5. Chatterjee devised the mannerism of rubbing his nails together as some Indians believe doing that helps prevent hair loss.

  6. The roots are used to make soap.Some reports claim that Native Americans wash their hair with yucca to fight dandruff and hair loss.

  7. José Théodore failed a drug test because he was taking Propecia, a hair loss medication that contains the non-performance-enhancing drug Finasteride.

  8. When compared to caribou and seal, other skins often had major drawbacks such as fragility, weight, or hair loss, which precluded their more common use.

  9. Captive specimens, deprived of adequate wallowing, have quickly developed broken and inflamed skins, suppurations, eye problems, inflamed nails, and hair loss, and have eventually died.

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