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  1. She initially came to Tokyo to gain a position as a stylist at a renowned hair salon.

  2. Shops in the original village of Farnley now include a hair salon, a newsagent, and a mini-mart.

  3. The band headed to the Boston recording studio Eden Sound, which at the time comprised a small room in the basement of a hair salon.

  4. Alba Ortega had a brief role in the series, portraying the role of Carmen, the new colleague of Kenneth, who now owns a hair salon within the Solana.

  5. The rest of the building is leased out to a variety of tenants including Amtrak, the Brewerie, a hookah lounge, a wine shop, a hair salon, a banquet hall, and an art studio.

  6. The interior facilities included a swimming pool, sauna, nightclub, smoking room, cinema and hair salon, most of which were novelties for Finland Steamship Company ship on the Finland—West Germany run.

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