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  1. Our days here are harsh and grim.

  2. The harsh habitats preferred by P.

  3. Its appearance presages harsh droughts.

  4. It also produces "a harsh rapid chatter".

  5. The alarm note it uses is short and harsh.

  6. You don't think it's gonna be ugly or harsh.

  7. The economic impact of the border was harsh.

  8. Nevertheless, he received some harsh reviews.

  9. I suppose the lighting was quite harsh, as well.

  10. Quarrelling birds also have a harsh repeated kee.

  11. The decree's consequences for composers were harsh.

  12. Conditions in the Virungas were very harsh for the RPF.

  13. Riis's depictions of various ethnic groups can be harsh.

  14. The harsh criticism has been matched by later accolades.

  15. However they also have harsh impacts on the environment.

  16. Alp Arslan treated him with respect and imposed no harsh terms on the Byzantines.

  17. Following this, he painted in a dimly lit studio and avoided harsh southern light.

  18. Henry was a harsh, firm ruler, but not excessively so by the standards of the day.

  19. There would be liberty of conscience and Anglican church policy would not be harsh.

  20. Each bears a single taut sculptural form pitched against a harsh orange background.

  21. Therefore, when confronted by the harsh realities of war, Henry is shocked, and his idealism falters.

  22. The population is currently stable, although there may be temporary marked declines in harsh winters.

  23. Rosas got along well with the gauchos in his service, despite his harsh and authoritarian comportment.

  24. He was imprisoned in the Confederate Libby Prison and Belle Isle, which were notoriously harsh prisons.

  25. The film was, however, subject to some harsh reviews that expressed disapproval of its overblown style.

  26. The shipyard generated high employment to Jarrow, but the industrial works created a harsh environment.

  27. These sporadic mining ventures were hampered by their remote location and the harsh desert environment.

  28. The species' unique life cycle in such a harsh environment has been described in print and visual media.

  29. The Japanese government implemented harsh penalties against civilians who kept copies of these leaflets.

  30. In contrast, almost every action on the Klingon bridge made noise to reflect the aliens' harsh aesthetic.

  31. Ibn al-Ahmar had more difficulty being recognized in larger cities, where his rule was seen as too harsh.

  32. Some retrospective appraisals are critical towards the harsh treatment of female characters on the album.

  33. The bleakness of the painting is informed by the artist's harsh nihilism and existentialist view of life.

  34. The Khmer Rouge regime, which had not initially been harsh in Ratanakiri, became increasingly oppressive.

  35. Turpentine enemas, a very harsh purgative, had formerly been used for stubborn constipation or impaction.

  36. Echidnas do not tolerate extreme temperatures; they use caves and rock crevices to shelter from harsh weather conditions.

  37. While working as a Poor Law Guardian, she was shocked at the harsh conditions she encountered in Manchester's workhouses.

  38. Chad Walsh, reviewing Diiie in Book World, calls Angelou's poems "a moving blend of lyricism and harsh social observation".

  39. Later numismatic writers have been harsh to Melish; Swiatek deemed the coin issued because of "false claims" on its behalf.

  40. The terms raven or crow may have been suggested by the bird's harsh call, its behavioural traits, or just its dark plumage.

  41. Both sexes produce series of clicking notes, given as harsh ke-ke-ke when they are disturbed, during flying or within flock.

  42. The emperor was engaged in a harsh campaign to assert his claim over lands contested by Wilhelm, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.

  43. The zoo quickly faced harsh criticism throughout Germany and from the worldwide media for appearing to allow the cubs' death.

  44. There is a distinctive greeting ceremony between pair members, where they spread their wings and tails and give a harsh call.

  45. In despair, the Carthaginians sued for peace but Regulus offered such harsh terms that the Carthaginians decided to fight on.

  46. The genre reached its peak between the 1930s and 1950s, at a time when science had revealed some aspects of Venus, but not yet the harsh reality of its surface conditions.

  47. Other organisms have adaptations to harsh environments, such as the production of multiple antibiotics by streptomyces that inhibit the growth of competing microorganisms.

  48. By February 1866, however, Johnson was publicly attacking these Radical Republicans, who demanded harsh punishment of the rebels and federal action to assist the freedmen.

  49. During the rehearsals, Eliasberg was criticised for his harsh demeanour: musicians who missed rehearsals, were late, or did not perform to expectations lost their rations.

  50. The emission of dust and particles could have covered the entire surface of the Earth for several years, possibly a decade, creating a harsh environment for living things.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word harsh has the following synonyms: abrasive, disagreeable, coarse, coarse-grained, large-grained, farinaceous, grainy, granular, granulose, gritty, mealy, granulated, plushy, plush-like, loose, open, rough, unsmooth, heavy, unpleasant and unkind.

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