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  1. Who will here proclaim it?

  2. Myer is also interred here.

  3. And where do we go from here?

  4. I think I killed one man here.

  5. I will always keep a home here.

  6. Send him up here.Oh what a shot!

  7. I mean, from here, we're golden.

  8. Our days here are harsh and grim.

  9. Geese are also here in abundance.

  10. Gilbert, why should I stand here?

  11. Plants here have some degree of self-compatibility.

  12. She commented, "I wanted to feel good here on court.

  13. In the eyes of government, we are just one race here.

  14. Along here, the trail crosses many private driveways.

  15. Many of the state's tallest buildings are found here.

  16. If the motion is defeated, we will vote against the Bills here and in the Senate.

  17. But the chorale could, as here, act as a focus of bounding energy and positivity.

  18. From here, the energy generated at the core becomes free to propagate into space.

  19. The Russian Submarine Museum was located here until 2008, when the submarine sank.

  20. Yeah, it's done." He looks to the fake painting, and says "I've got it right here.

  21. Ricketts Glen lies south of and downstream from Waters Meet, and here the terrain becomes less steep.

  22. Deep trenches are formed here and the process is accompanied by friction as the plates grind together.

  23. He stated that after "nineteen great years here in one organization", it was the right time to retire.

  24. The German army had the advantage here as they began the war with many more howitzers than the French.

  25. The Virgin type has further been changed, here she is depicted as a Maria Lactans ("Nursing Madonna").

  26. From all of us up here, it's a huge honor to put this uniform on every day and come out here and play.

  27. He called him "the angel at the crossroads" because "if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here today.".

  28. A boundary is achieved here with the grisaille archway, strongly reminiscent of van der Weyden's work.

  29. Sliding the upper scale appropriately amounts to mechanically adding logarithms, as illustrated here:.

  30. Kocher said "Camping really is king here at Worlds End, and the rustic cabins are especially popular ..

  31. And it is here, under this oak, where Evangeline waited in vain for her lover, Gabriel, who never came.

  32. That does not happen to me only, but several Americans here have told me that they are sharply watched.

  33. As in his previous works, Eakins chose to include a self-portrait, here as the swimmer at bottom-right.

  34. The Wire was more critical, finding "a sense here of a group magisterially marking time, shying away ..

  35. The testis in males and the ovary in females bulges into the gonocoel and the gametes are released here.

  36. Nunn later criticized the NIS, saying, "The Navy's whole investigative technique here should be under serious question.".

  37. Paul remarked: "She's telling me about her fantasies and picturing me and her going here and there, all over the world ..

  38. The track continues south from here as the South Coast Line through the Royal National Park towards the Illawarra region.

  39. Mulder asks if "they" really are present on Earth; Deep Throat responds that "they have been here for a long, long time".

  40. Howe replied, "Look here, my good man, when the election comes, why don't you go away and vote for the party you support?

  41. As I stand out here in the wonders of the unknown at Hadley, I sort of realize there's a fundamental truth to our nature.

  42. Instead, comparing his drumming to painting, he said: "I am the foundation, and then I put a bit of glow here and there ..

  43. It's very difficult to hear her sing when she's not here, but we got through it." Aaliyah was reissued September 10, 2021.

  44. Capillaries are organised into capillary beds in tissues; it is here that blood exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide waste.

  45. Taylor commented in a post-match interview that "These players, especially the ones that were here last year, deserved it.

  46. The first few sentences of section three attest to this connection: "It would be difficult to describe the subtle brotherhood of men that was here established on the seas.

  47. Conkling said that "no man should hold his seat here who is not ready so to agree." A voice vote was called, and the resolution received nearly unanimous delegate support.

  48. Older classification schemes wrap Lepilemuridae into Lemuridae and Galagidae into Lorisidae, yielding a four-one family distribution instead of five-two as presented here.

  49. I mean, whether it's a result of our action or other action, you know, discovering 20 bodies, throats slit, 20 bodies, you know, beheaded, 20 bodies here, 20 bodies there.

  50. The pre-zygapophyses here were shorter than those in the neck and pectoral vertebrae, and only reached above the level of the centrum with the front third of their length.

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