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  1. For its history, see here.

  2. Who will here proclaim it?

  3. Myer is also interred here.

  4. I am the first voivode here.

  5. The entry can be found here.

  6. Humans settled here 4500 BC.

  7. The story does not end here.

  8. Football is also played here.

  9. And where do we go from here?

  10. I think I killed one man here.

  11. Summers here prevail from early March tilllate May.

  12. Passenger, Express, and Superfast trains halt here.

  13. Catherine Stepney, novelist, was born here in 1778.

  14. Plants here have some degree of self-compatibility.

  15. Good for you that you are here to support Israel.".

  16. I ran out here and looked down at him, still lying in the ring where he'd landed.

  17. Listed here are the PBA Finals MVP Awardees starting from 1996 up to the present.

  18. Ram (White Sister), Rom (White Sister), Gust and Blanc (White Heart) reside here.

  19. But the chorale could, as here, act as a focus of bounding energy and positivity.

  20. If the motion is defeated, we will vote against the Bills here and in the Senate.

  21. The church was consecrated in 1405 and the parish was moved here from "Our Lady of the Snows" church.

  22. It also tried to build more tourist visiting place since there are no other economic activities here.

  23. Daily bus services, both KSRTC and Private services are available from here to major cities in India.

  24. It was here that he farmed and his nine children were born, including Ransom Moore’s father, Seth Jr.

  25. It was here that he began to work as a DJ at age 16, and received the pseudonym "Epic" from a friend.

  26. Leaders of the Mexican Carrancistas met here, and the Mexican Liberal Party's headquarters were here.

  27. The first horse show were held 1920 in Falsterbo, in 1969 the first show jumping derby was held here.

  28. The employers here are the appellant company, but for this purpose they are like any other employers.

  29. Ricketts Glen lies south of and downstream from Waters Meet, and here the terrain becomes less steep.

  30. From here they participated in the allied effort to isolate the Japanese bases on Rabaul and Kavieng.

  31. Deep trenches are formed here and the process is accompanied by friction as the plates grind together.

  32. At that time, Lwów witnessed a historic scene, as here King John II Casimir made his famous Lwów Oath.

  33. The Town Act was implemented here in 1885 and Haldwani was declared a municipality on 1 February 1897.

  34. He stated that after "nineteen great years here in one organization", it was the right time to retire.

  35. The Virgin type has further been changed, here she is depicted as a Maria Lactans ("Nursing Madonna").

  36. NY 283 terminates here while Pearl Street continues into the post as a four-lane divided highway named Pearl Street Road.

  37. The undercurrent of rage and disillusionment is one that echoes throughout the record, and the band capture it well here.

  38. Paul remarked: "She's telling me about her fantasies and picturing me and her going here and there, all over the world ..

  39. The village lies on the south bank of the Ribeira de Seixe, which here forms the border between the Algarve and Alentejo.

  40. Nunn later criticized the NIS, saying, "The Navy's whole investigative technique here should be under serious question.".

  41. Most of the characters are seen here in the evening, where seemingly there is karaoke and live entertainment every night.

  42. The track continues south from here as the South Coast Line through the Royal National Park towards the Illawarra region.

  43. Factories determine the actual concrete type of object to be created, and it is here that the object is actually created.

  44. Mulder asks if "they" really are present on Earth; Deep Throat responds that "they have been here for a long, long time".

  45. Howe replied, "Look here, my good man, when the election comes, why don't you go away and vote for the party you support?

  46. The pre-zygapophyses here were shorter than those in the neck and pectoral vertebrae, and only reached above the level of the centrum with the front third of their length.

  47. But both here and in the United Kingdom the duty of the Prime Minister is the same in a most important aspect if he cannot get supply he must resign or advise an election.

  48. Conkling said that "no man should hold his seat here who is not ready so to agree." A voice vote was called, and the resolution received nearly unanimous delegate support.

  49. According to legend, Bonnie Prince Charlie was reputed to have sheltered in a sycamore tree here on his retreat to Inverness in 1746 during the Jacobite rising of 1745–46.

  50. Thousands of flamingos in their mating plumage, Common cranes and other wetland birds including hundreds of Painted storks and Spoonbills among others can be spotted here.

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