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  1. Nor was there any idle joking.

  2. But it's no idle exercise in style.

  3. The building then stood idle, becoming victim to vandalism.

  4. The previously idle fighting men, including Billis, go off to battle.

  5. At the same time, the ships in Europe were idle, for there were no cargoes.

  6. From 22 December 1916 to 16 January 1917, Deutschland lay idle in the Bay of Kiel.

  7. No Japanese forces made any movement towards the area, and the Wasp was left idle.

  8. It would be idle to pretend that the Zionist policy is other than an unpopular one.

  9. By Friday, July 20, about 250 trains sat idle in Baltimore as a result of the strike.

  10. The player can block attacks manually or automatically, by leaving their character idle.

  11. Although Howe was in a favourable position, Villaret had not been idle during the night.

  12. Penny Gay observed that Elinor's early dialogue with Edward about "feel[ing] idle and useless ..

  13. He said that a system of passes would be arranged to address the issue of idle time caused by delays.

  14. Oil production became so low that any possibility of offensive action became impossible and weaponry lay idle.

  15. As a young man, Henry Fane had been described as "very idle and careless and spending much time in the country".

  16. McCulloh also accused Peale of having Mint workers make furniture for his use when they would otherwise be idle.

  17. In the three Olynthiacs, Demosthenes criticised his compatriots for being idle and urged Athens to help Olynthus.

  18. While landing on USS Midway (CV-41) John Chesire's tailhook missed the arresting gear after selecting idle thrust.

  19. The production staff made sure that the students were never idle, and always kept them occupied outside of filming.

  20. In one case, the Minister of Social Works became a factory worker because he was forced to remain politically idle.

  21. Worried that the idle group would plot against him, Khánh made some preliminary arrangements to send them to the U.S.

  22. He asked for forgiveness of the King and state, while keeping up his "crosses and idle ceremonies" (Catholic practices).

  23. Eight ships bound for Port Moresby were lying idle off Townsville or Cairns on 12 October, waiting to be called forward.

  24. The next day, it was reported that some railways throughout the country resumed traffic, though the B&O remained idle.

  25. The mine remained idle until 1940, ironically receiving an honorable mention in the National Safety Competition from the U.S.

  26. Fuller Maitland's followers, including Ernest Walker, also dismissed Sullivan as "merely the idle singer of an empty evening".

  27. On an early test run the R engine produced 1,400 hp (1,040 kW) and was noted to idle happily at 450 revolutions per minute (rpm).

  28. Michael, however, did not remain idle: his own fleet attacked the thematic force soon after it arrived at its anchorage in Byrida.

  29. Newspaper reports counted 400–500 men who had joined the rail strike, and in Martinsburg, 75 trains with 1,200 rail cars sat idle.

  30. When Willis first visited the property, the owners said it had little value and that it was "an idle wild of which nothing could ever be made".

  31. Man preys on man; and you mourn for the idle tapestry that decorated a gothic pile, and the dronish bell that summoned the fat priest to prayer.

  32. Upon which side will the Democratic Party fight; upon the side of "the idle holders of idle capital" or upon the side of "the struggling masses"?

  33. He joked that he felt idle because he had taken part in no more than about 25 cases that year, and that he would start another job if he could find one.

  34. Not wishing the freshly idle soldiers to combine for purposes of their own, Gisco split the army into small detachments based on their regions of origin.

  35. In 1790 The Times reported instances of children "begging for money for Guy Faux", and a report of 4 November 1802 described how "a set of idle fellows ..

  36. Later, Lovell used some otherwise idle time to do some navigational sightings, maneuvering the module to view various stars by using the computer keyboard.

  37. This concept came to be known as a "fleet in being"—an idle yet mighty fleet forcing others to spend time, resource and effort to actively guard against it.

  38. He purchased scores at every port of call, along with a piano on which to play them, and filled his idle hours studying Berlioz's Treatise on Instrumentation.

  39. The soldiers, who had been largely idle while the kilns produced bricks for settlers, were angry that they were now expected to do significant physical labor.

  40. In 1819, he took advantage of idle time at the mill to enroll at a new academy in the town, where he met a classmate, Abigail Powers, and fell in love with her.

  41. Atari was experiencing severe financial troubles at the time and could not extend the game's development period as it would have left their production factory idle.

  42. Thomas Carlyle referred to Charles Theodore as a "poor idle creature, of purely egoistical, ornamental, dilettante nature; sunk in theatricals, [and] bastard children".

  43. The J79 had a reduced time lag between the pilot slamming the throttle, from idle to maximum thrust, and the engine producing maximum thrust compared to earlier engines.

  44. The summoner remains an active member in the fight, able to attack and cast support magic, instead of leaving the party or standing idle while the summoned creature fights.

  45. Of the 550,000 acres (220,000 ha) that the company owned, only 15 percent was being cultivated; the rest was idle, and thus came under the scope of the agrarian reform law.

  46. The main objective behind this move was to light up the boilers at reduced pressure, and work up the main and flight deck machinery that had been idle for almost seven months.

  47. At this point, the French government belatedly transferred two divisions commanded by Jacques MacDonald and Jean Castelbert de Castelverd from France's idle Army of the North.

  48. The French rear ships were no less idle, with Entreprenant and Pelletier firing at any British ships in range but refusing to close or participate in the melees on either side.

  49. In 1816 it was described as "a seat of amusement and dissipation", where "scenes of extravagance in this receptacle of the wealthy and the idle, the weak and designing" were habitual.

  50. In his more idle years removed from court affairs, Shen Kuo enjoyed pastimes of the Chinese gentry and literati that would indicate his intellectual level and cultural taste to others.

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Synonyms for idle

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word idle has the following synonyms: baseless, groundless, unfounded, unwarranted, wild, unsupported, bone-idle, bone-lazy, faineant, indolent, lazy, otiose, slothful, work-shy, lackadaisical, leisured, unengaged, ineffective, uneffective, ineffectual, unemployed, dead, unprofitable, jobless, out of work, light, frivolous, loose, irresponsible, unused, inactive, laze, slug, stagnate and tick over.

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