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  1. He was forever inciting me to obtain literary reputation.".

  2. He defended himself against charges of inciting unrest and heresy.

  3. Daenerys executes Mossador publicly, inciting a riot between freedmen and masters.

  4. The complaint accuses him of defamation and inciting violence against an ethnic group.

  5. Lindsay was charged with counseling, inciting, and abetting murder, and spent 11 months in jail.

  6. Among the problems testers discovered with the story was that Myst initially had no inciting incident.

  7. Stokely Carmichael, widely blamed for inciting local disorder, was among the others in the congregation.

  8. In contrast, type 2 HRS is slower in onset and progression, and is not associated with an inciting event.

  9. She accused him of inciting a rebellion against her mother and of writing a book against her own authority.

  10. On 23 February 2021, the Second Basic Court in Belgrade found Simonović guilty of inciting the arson attack.

  11. Boris and Shlomo begin fighting on stage during the play, interrupting the production and inciting an intermission.

  12. The raid failed; Brown was convicted of treason, murder, and inciting a slave rebellion, and he was hanged on December 2.

  13. They accused those involved in gambling of inciting "larrikins" and "roughs" to storm the field and attack the Englishmen.

  14. By inciting a violent revolt amongst the Métis, the government can justify funding the railway to move troops to the Prairies.

  15. Anti-war protests during World War I gave rise to several important free speech cases related to sedition and inciting violence.

  16. On 28 October, with Al-Sharif still in jail, Representative Yahia al-Saud, was charged with inciting Al-Sharif before the incident.

  17. Instead of inciting further Arab tensions, Arlosoroff strongly criticized the Revisionists for insensitively provoking the animosity.

  18. In February 2021, he was convicted of inciting an arson attack that resulted in serious damage to the home of an opposition journalist.

  19. The mutiny's failure did not stop other revolutionaries from inciting insurrections later that year, including the Sevastopol Uprising.

  20. In 1954, Fredric Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent, a book in which he asserted that comics were inciting children to violence.

  21. Ultimecia then orders Seifer to activate the Lunatic Pandora facility, inciting a Lunar Cry that sends Adel's containment device to the planet.

  22. Jailed in Johannesburg's Marshall Square prison, Mandela was charged with inciting workers' strikes and leaving the country without permission.

  23. Bizimungu was later imprisoned for corruption and inciting ethnic violence, charges that human rights groups described as politically motivated.

  24. His reputation as an uncompromising opponent was cemented when he was found guilty of dissent and inciting the crowd in a game against Middlesex.

  25. His comments resulted in him being convicted of inciting racial hatred and he was sentenced to six weeks imprisonment, reduced to a fine on appeal.

  26. When the Macedonians captured Lissus in 212 BC, the Roman Senate responded by inciting the Aetolian League, Sparta, Elis, Messenia, and Attalus I (r.

  27. He hoped to achieve this by blowing up the House of Lords with gunpowder and inciting a popular revolt to install James's daughter Princess Elizabeth as titular Queen.

  28. The umpires reported Waddington to the cricket committee of the MCC for inciting the crowd through his appeals and gestures of displeasure when batsmen were not given out.

  29. It was reported that well-known gamblers were prominent in inciting the other members of the crowd, amid loud chants of "not out" and "Go back [to the playing field], Murdoch".

  30. In the context of discussing possible moves to restrict publications inciting racial hatred, Jeger was critical of Blyton's The Little Black Doll, published a few months earlier.

  31. Simonović was arrested on suspicion of inciting the attack on 25 January 2019; his arrest was announced by Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić in an extraordinary press conference.

  32. He therefore planned to kill the king by blowing up the House of Lords with gunpowder, and then inciting a popular revolt to install James's daughter, Elizabeth, as titular queen.

  33. Although these claims were later proven to be false, speculation in national media and among the public continued to blame Manson's music and imagery for inciting Harris and Klebold.

  34. American grievances included the impressment of American sailors by the Royal Navy, the blockade of French ports, and a belief that the British were inciting American Indians to attack U.S.

  35. When the Macedonian army approached Chersonese (now known as the Gallipoli Peninsula), an Athenian general named Diopeithes ravaged the maritime district of Thrace, thereby inciting Philip's rage.

  36. Americans blamed the British for inciting the tribes to violence and supplying them with firearms, and Congress passed resolutions condemning the British for interfering in American domestic affairs.

  37. John Laurinaitis added the stipulation that the WWE Championship could change hands via disqualification, which led to Jericho inciting Punk into using a weapon, but Punk resisted and retained the title.

  38. However, Calhoun supported the execution of Alexander Arbuthnot and Robert Ambrister, two British soldiers living in Florida who were accused of inciting the Seminole to make war against the United States.

  39. Their concerts were routinely picketed by religious advocates and parent groups, who asserted that their music had a corrupting influence on youth culture by inciting "rape, murder, blasphemy and suicide".

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