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  1. The term has both informal and legal meanings.

  2. Hall became Romney's informal campaign manager.

  3. Nepenthes copelandii belongs to the informal "N.

  4. However, it was an informal version of the game.

  5. Bulevar is also regarded as an informal city centre.

  6. Debate is more informal than in some parliamentary systems.

  7. An estimated 8.3 million Kenyans work in the informal sector.

  8. It is an informal holiday in honor of the unit among chemists.

  9. Locally, much is made of the informal title "Pride of Anglia".

  10. Most informal workers are self-employed, with few entrepreneurs who employ others.

  11. Roberts began to make informal arrangements to prepare for the commemorative issue.

  12. There are informal street vendors who sell fresh fruit, clothing and African crafts.

  13. These games were poorly documented but appear to have been informal, one-off affairs.

  14. Louis Biggs, began conducting informal classes at their residence at Farquhar Street.

  15. After the outbreak of World War I, Cooper joined an informal military training unit at the high school.

  16. Both Bellette and Haefliger had for many years been informal organisers of Sydney's artistic community.

  17. An informal reader poll conducted by The Seattle Times showed that "The Clink" was a popular suggestion.

  18. Using whimsicality and humor, he was purposely informal to allow his personality to show in his writing.

  19. The president asked Willkie to be his informal personal representative to Britain, and Willkie accepted.

  20. The informal sector of trade in dyed fabric also called thioup or thioub in Wolof, expanded in the 1980s.

  21. This was in contrast to the naturalistic and informal poses employed in the earlier temples in the region.

  22. To resolve this issue, the government expanded its informal definition of "Malay" to include these people.

  23. About 20 SAIC students took part in what became an informal master's course in public art for the project.

  24. After several informal meetings, the Melbourne club's inaugural meeting was held in Anzac House, Melbourne.

  25. He played hockey from a young age, participating in informal street hockey matches with others his own age.

  26. In June 1887, the DPP asked Olmsted to create informal plans for Central, Morningside, and Riverside Parks.

  27. A more informal, evening service was also introduced though this now takes place at St Paul's Onslow Square.

  28. Afterwards, she maintains a more informal relationship with the other characters as a fellow member of SeeD.

  29. This resemblance also leads to the informal name "sea swallow", recorded from at least the seventeenth century.

  30. There was little informal contact between the two sides; East German guards were under orders not to speak to Westerners.

  31. Federalist members of Congress held an informal nominating caucus and named Adams and Thomas Pinckney as their candidates.

  32. For the most part, Franklin Peale's education was informal, though he took some classes at the University of Pennsylvania.

  33. This informal but well-organized system was composed of free and enslaved Blacks, white abolitionists, and other activists.

  34. The time set aside for debate on a particular motion is, however, often limited by informal agreements between the parties.

  35. Jua Kali is Swahili for "hot sun" and refers to the idea that the workers in the informal economy work under the fierce sun.

  36. It estimates another 759 informal sites known only to land owners, customs, and members of the enthusiast group Air-Britain.

  37. On the opposite side of Potsdam Road from Dunoon is an informal settlement called Site 5, which consists of a group of shacks.

  38. In 1988, Leonard Compagno assigned it phenetically to an informal "transitional group" also containing the blacknose shark (C.

  39. The October Revolution disrupted the informal truce between the Finnish non-socialists and the Russian Provisional Government.

  40. He left readers to read between the lines if they wished, in, for example, references to Turkish baths "providing informal opportunities of meeting interesting strangers".

  41. As Cole and her colleagues reported in 2000, "Children's Television Workshop (CTW) can be regarded as the single largest informal educator of young children in the world".

  42. After the election, Willkie made two wartime foreign trips as Roosevelt's informal envoy, and as nominal leader of the Republican Party gave the president his full support.

  43. From around 1900 Debussy's music became a focus and inspiration for an informal group of innovative young artists, poets, critics, and musicians who began meeting in Paris.

  44. The lower part of Kiyovu, north of the main road, consisted until 2008 of informal settlements that had formed after independence, when strict residence rules were relaxed.

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Synonyms for informal

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word informal has the following synonyms: casual, everyday, free-and-easy, folksy, unceremonious, unceremonial, informal, colloquial, conversational, common, vernacular, vulgar, epistolary, epistolatory, slangy, subliterary, unliterary, nonliterary, unrhetorical, cozy, intimate, friendly, loose and unofficial.

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