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  1. The latter three are characterised as insecure.

  2. Despite this show of confidence, the regency's position remained insecure.

  3. She is insecure and she believes that she has bad luck, especially with guys.

  4. He was, however, still no more than a boy, and a shy, insecure and immature one.

  5. This unhappy, insecure childhood left a lasting mark on her work and personality.

  6. Communications were disrupted, and the rebel hideouts became increasingly insecure.

  7. He was the complete contradiction." Sellers was shy and insecure when out of character.

  8. He said that Yusef is very insecure and that he can understand his behaviour in some ways.

  9. Williams played Holly, an insecure bibliophile, a part that came close to her personality.

  10. William's western border was thus secured, but his border with Brittany remained insecure.

  11. To make matters worse, according to Ekland, Sellers was "so insecure, he won't trust anyone".

  12. The constant relocating made her an insecure child, and she struggled to establish friendships.

  13. Gilmour stood on a flightcase on castors, an insecure setup supported from behind by a technician.

  14. The first time Trainor watched the video, she cried because she felt insecure about her appearance in it.

  15. Before this counter-attack was launched, Foord, feeling his position to be insecure, requested reinforcement.

  16. Disney was a shy, self-deprecating and insecure man in private but adopted a warm and outgoing public persona.

  17. The initial moves are tentative, for Liudan remains insecure throughout her lonely life in the imperial court.

  18. In terms of musical technique the operas show how far Poulenc had come from his naïve and insecure beginnings.

  19. In September 1923 Churchill wrote to her, "My beloved, I beg you not to worry about money, or to feel insecure.

  20. Kid-RSA (KRSA) is a simplified, insecure public-key cipher published in 1997, designed for educational purposes.

  21. Annette Bening stars as Lester's materialistic wife, Carolyn, and Thora Birch plays their insecure daughter, Jane.

  22. He later admitted he was "very undecided, always have been—a very insecure person, very fearful; morbidly fearful".

  23. However, his letters show that at this time he was often depressed and insecure, lacking any clear sense of purpose.

  24. How insecure it is to investigate natural principles using only the light of common knowledge, and subjective ideas.

  25. According to his biographer Richard Schickel, Disney hid his shy and insecure personality behind his public identity.

  26. Neild wrote that it was in "a most ruinous and insecure state, and the habitations of the debtors wretched in the extreme".

  27. The tip of some banana plugs could be forced into some sockets intended for wander plugs, but would invariably be insecure.

  28. Mary's rule over Scotland was insecure, and she and her husband, being Roman Catholics, faced a rebellion by Protestant noblemen.

  29. Compared with his own long tenure, the reigns of his successors Constantine I, Alexander, and George II proved short and insecure.

  30. Men who strongly believe in these traditional roles may feel sexually inadequate, unmanly, insecure, and less satisfied with life.

  31. Ruby and Claude Montgomery are a very insecure and jealous couple, who must help when Claude's Uncle Hazel is jailed for attempted murder.

  32. Schneider said that early in the season he was insecure in the role because he was still trying to figure out the character's motivations.

  33. He returned to the team the following year, but his place was insecure, and in 2013 he was replaced by Jos Buttler, his teammate at Somerset.

  34. He is insecure about his faltering marriage to Teresa (Chaplin), whom he believes is having an affair with his best friend, Antonio (Galiardo).

  35. Zinta played Naina Catherine Kapur, an insecure and angry young Indian-American who falls for a man with a fatal heart disease (Shah Rukh Khan).

  36. Her relationships with writers such as Stevie Smith and Iris Murdoch were difficult, as an insecure Manning was envious of their greater success.

  37. Despite her enthusiasm, her teachers thought her too shy and insecure to have a future in acting, and Fox did not renew her contract in August 1947.

  38. Dyer was impressed by Bacon's self-confidence and his artistic success, and Bacon acted as a protector and father figure to the insecure younger man.

  39. Durham's location in the north left it insecure, as Malcolm Canmore, King of Scots, raided and invaded the north of England on a number of occasions.

  40. At first sight the bishop on c5 lacks prospects, being held at bay by the pawn on e3, and is insecure in view of the threat to exchange it by Nc3–a4/e4.

  41. Riders can more easily manage a saddle that is a bit too large than one that is too small, though a too-large saddle may leave the rider with an insecure seat.

  42. His associates fell into two camps: one that saw him as an aloof and impressive genius and aesthete, the other that saw him as a pretentious and insecure poseur.

  43. In 1977 it was discovered that the stone slabs on the roof of the south range had become insecure, and work began on a six-phase programme of structural repairs.

  44. With his own position insecure, Abd al-Malik concluded a treaty whereby he would pay a tribute of 1,000 gold coins, a horse and a slave for every day of the year.

  45. She feels insecure when Gloria Price (Sue Johnston) also decides to tag along with the whole idea, and becomes very close with Dennis, and the pair begin flirting.

  46. Her first film role of 2018 was as a haughty but insecure executive in the Amy Schumer-starring comedy I Feel Pretty, which satirizes body image issues among women.

  47. He showed artistic promise from an early age, but his family were financially insecure, and at the age of 12 he left school to become an apprentice printer in Hull.

  48. He is also insecure about his lack of superpowers, which has, on multiple occasions, led to one of the other Titans committing mutiny and replacing Robin as leader.

  49. He seemed to be a shaky and insecure young man." Đức mistakenly thought that Kỳ and his subordinates would be joining the coup, but he later realized his misjudgement.

  50. The insecure design of the early sidesaddle also contributed to the popularity of the Palfrey, a smaller horse with smooth ambling gaits, as a suitable mount for women.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word insecure has the following synonyms: loose, precarious, unfixed, overanxious, unassured, unsafe, embattled, shaky, unguaranteed, unsecured, dangerous, unprotected and vulnerable.

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