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  1. Henry went to convoluted legal means to justify his succession.

  2. Yet, I had to justify myself: "Things are not that simple, Rebbe.

  3. Nor did he, during the rest of his life, fail to justify this opinion.

  4. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake has been used to justify new logging.

  5. The stones are treatable and do not justify discontinuation of the diet.

  6. There is no way to justify our present public monopoly of the post office.

  7. We did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog.

  8. To justify the definition of logarithms, it is necessary to show that the equation.

  9. Her food costs became difficult to justify, but Grayson refused to have her put down.

  10. Later, Assad used the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood to justify his heavy-handed rule.

  11. The effects of Guillermo were not deemed severe enough to justify retirement of its name.

  12. Before employers would rely on irrelevant "factors other than sex" to justify the wage gap.

  13. In my opinion the bargain was an improvident one, but that does not justify confiscation ..

  14. At the same time they justify his severity as legitimate, being in the interests of the state.

  15. However, they are accountable in court and are asked to justify their actions in a court of law.

  16. Maya weaponry was not sufficiently powerful to justify the discomfort of wearing European armour.

  17. These results did not justify the large allocation of Allied resources to the operation, however.

  18. On the first day, several delegates addressed the convention to justify the recent Texian actions.

  19. The song doesn't justify anything, but it reminds us that there is a person behind every lit fuse".

  20. The War Department could not justify the expense, so in 1911 the guardhouse was built from concrete.

  21. Jenkins contends that prosperity theology is used as a tool to justify the high salaries of pastors.

  22. An authoritarian political culture evolved to prevent slave rebellion and justify white slaveholding.

  23. Jean de Montluc used examples from Christian history to justify the endeavour to obtain Ottoman support.

  24. Brief prologue and epilogue narrations (by Price) taken from Poe's poem were added to justify the new title.

  25. The Monroe Doctrine continued to be seen as relevant to Guatemala, and was used to justify the coup in 1954.

  26. Sparrow is perplexed over his attraction to Elizabeth Swann, and attempts to justify it throughout the film.

  27. Alston gave him a chance to justify his place on the major league roster by giving him the next day's start.

  28. Sclater, Minister of Putney, for his Conversion to the Catholic Faith and Communion to justify this decision.

  29. Although he regarded slavery as an evil, and did not attempt to justify it, he never freed any of his slaves.

  30. Some zinc-copper-lead ore bodies contain enough germanium to justify extraction from the final ore concentrate.

  31. Sometimes demand was high enough to justify running a second instance ("section") of the train on the same day.

  32. Only 7 courts were established, as it was felt that there would not be enough cases to justify fourteen courts.

  33. She learnt to speak in an Australian accent and worked closely with Campion to justify her character's vileness.

  34. Bartley and Ó Briain justify these methods as standard practice in the construction of documentary realist films.

  35. Taking the prevailing circumstances into full account, it is hard to justify the detachments at Ambon and Rabaul.

  36. Cohen also believes that Andjar also worked to justify the toneel style and distance it from the earlier stambul.

  37. Traits of Isis, Hathor, and Aphrodite were all combined to justify the treatment of Ptolemaic queens as goddesses.

  38. According to Goldstein, the figure of eleven dead Croats was made up by Lorković in order to justify the massacre.

  39. Both the Met and the District wanted to see the line electrified, but could not justify the whole cost themselves.

  40. Her experiences in Russia led her to qualify her earlier belief that revolutionary ends might justify violent means.

  41. Although the claim was retracted a day later, it was used by the Serbian media to justify military action in Croatia.

  42. Steiner not only lets Hitler justify his past, he allows him the (almost) last word before the outside world invades.

  43. Biddle felt the visuals alone could not carry the show, saying that they did not justify the frequent violence scenes.

  44. Windsor has been able to justify its ban under even the rational basis test, much less under the strict scrutiny test.

  45. For example, the Harvard Law Review suggested that the Court's decision may be used to justify monitoring brain waves.

  46. This lends flexibility to his harmonic language and helps justify the superimposition of semitonally opposed harmonies.

  47. The lack of interest in or loyalty to Malaya amongst the non-Malays seemed to justify ketuanan Melayu — Malay self-rule.

  48. Henry II, as well as the other Ottonians, relied upon his connection with the Church to justify his power over the dukes.

  49. Later political demands and Armenian killings of Muslims have often been used to retroactively justify the 1915 genocide.

  50. Port Elgin team officials were given one-year suspensions when the OHA found no evidence to justify abandoning the series.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word justify has the following synonyms: absolve, free, apologize, apologise, excuse, rationalize, rationalis, vindicate and warrant.

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