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Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word laqab in a sentence.

  1. Upon his accession he took the laqab (honorific or regnal name) al-Mu'ayyad billah ("He who is aided by God").

  2. Al-Hakim bestowed on Salih the laqab of "asad al-dawla" (lion of the state) and requested that he cooperate with al-Dayf.

  3. The latter soon had Ibn Ra'iq assassinated (April 942) and succeeded him as amir al-umara with the laqab of Nasir al-Dawla.

  4. The founder of the dynasty Muhammad I, had taken a laqab (al-Ghalib billah, "Victor by the grace of God") but the subsequent sultans up to Yusuf did not adopt this practice.

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