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  1. They liberate a Rover island that had been captured by the Baldies.

  2. The children collect them and liberate them to the safety of the sea.

  3. Ions of U liberate hydrogen from water and are therefore considered to be highly unstable.

  4. In June 1819, he joined the Long Expedition, an effort to liberate Texas from Spanish rule.

  5. MacGregor bombastically announced his intention to liberate New Granada, but then hesitated.

  6. Finally in December 1971, Gandhi directly intervened in the conflict to liberate Bangladesh.

  7. His sending the doomed Task Force Baum to liberate his son-in-law, Lieutenant Colonel John K.

  8. He sought to liberate himself from an economically unviable system, not to liberate his slaves.

  9. The reinforcements, however, were not strong enough to drive off Imboden and liberate the prisoners.

  10. Patton reported this attempt to liberate Oflag XIII-B as the only mistake he made during World War II.

  11. MacArthur stressed America's moral obligation to liberate the Philippines and won Roosevelt's support.

  12. NOP units were able to temporarily or permanently liberate large parts of Croatia from occupying forces.

  13. The brigade was earmarked for an operation to liberate the Channel Islands and was re-designated Force 135.

  14. Laguna tracks her down in Esthar, where he helps liberate the nation from the despotic rule of Sorceress Adel.

  15. The bird's nest fungi use the force of falling water drops to liberate the spores from cup-shaped fruiting bodies.

  16. Not only do you (have these) in your hands, but above all you have an idea in your hearts to liberate the homeland.

  17. The German forces fought furiously and US forces did not liberate St Lô until after the British liberation of Caen.

  18. After the camp is freed, Sykes is contacted by Captain Panaka, and the plan to finally liberate Naboo is set in motion.

  19. In August 1970, Arafat declared: "Our basic aim is to liberate the land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

  20. As the Allies prepared to liberate France, the Germans judged that Brittany was a likely location for an Allied invasion.

  21. Mechanical sewing machines were introduced in 1851 with the promise that they would liberate women from household drudgery.

  22. Many of those fighting at Vukovar believed that they were engaged in a struggle to liberate the town from a hostile occupier.

  23. For comic effect, he used irony and ludicrous extravagance, often in an attempt to liberate the reader from cultural conformity.

  24. Caen was expected to be liberated by British forces immediately after the invasion but would take nearly two months to liberate.

  25. Rinoa is a member of the Forest Owls, a resistance faction seeking to liberate the small nation of Timber from Galbadian occupation.

  26. A group of Cuban revolutionaries led by Venezuelan adventurer Narciso López intended to liberate Cuba from Spanish rule by the sword.

  27. A Bulgarian revolutionary, Georgi Sava Rakovski, advocated for unity among the Balkans to liberate themselves from the Ottoman Empire.

  28. Chlomo died there in January 1945, three months before the 6th Armored Division of the United States Army arrived to liberate the camp.

  29. In mid-August he joined Allied forces on their advance to liberate Paris, a time during which he described the Battle of the Falaise Pocket.

  30. The Throckmorton plot called for an invasion of England along with a domestic uprising to liberate Mary, Queen of Scots, and depose Elizabeth.

  31. A narrative prequel to Raiders, Temple of Doom follows Jones' quest to recover sacred stones and liberate the slaves of a Thuggee cult leader.

  32. Nevertheless, the main aim of his work was to alert Western Christendom to the Turkish menace and rally it to a crusade to liberate his homeland.

  33. Photolysis of heavier compounds not prone to escape, such as CH4 or H2O, can also liberate H2 from the upper atmosphere and contribute to this process.

  34. In the years following the Spartan takeover, the exiled Thebans regrouped in Athens and, at the instigation of Pelopidas, prepared to liberate their city.

  35. In 1463, Bessarion returned to Venice as the papal legate, tasked with negotiating the republic's participation in a crusade to liberate Constantinople from the Turks.

  36. Although MacArthur had no specific directive to do so, and the fighting on Luzon was far from over, he committed his forces to liberate the remainder of the Philippines.

  37. He had supported the initial aims of the French Revolution, and hoped its ideals would help liberate Spain from feudalism to become a secular, democratic political system.

  38. They decided to liberate all slaves to secure their loyalty, to place all the children and their nurses in the gymnasium and to put all the women in the temple of Artemis.

  39. Bourbaki attempted an ambitious operation to liberate Paris by taking the enemy troops from the rear, through a vast strategic movement from Bourges to Alsace via Belfort.

  40. Hitler ordered military operations to liberate Mussolini, and, as was his common procedure, he issued similar orders to competing organisations within the German military.

  41. On August 25, he was present at the liberation of Paris as a journalist; contrary to the Hemingway legend, he was not the first into the city, nor did he liberate the Ritz.

  42. Experiments at Columbia University indicated that "uranium might be used as an explosive that would liberate a million times as much energy per pound as any known explosive".

  43. On 11 November 1999, 600+ Australian troops from 3RAR (Third Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment) deployed from Maliana in East Timor proper to Oecusse to liberate the enclave.

  44. Neville oversaw a number of changes in chancery procedures, splitting off the liberate rolls from the letters close in 1226 and reviving the keeping of the Charter Rolls in 1227.

  45. Now in charge of the resistance on Naboo, Sykes leads a mission to liberate the Camp 4, a detention center where the Trade Federation has placed most of Naboo's important leaders.

  46. Queen Ranavalona responded by sending Rainivoninahitriniony and Rainilaiarivony on their first military expedition to liberate the besieged Merina colonists and quell the uprising.

  47. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is today perceived as an expression of thanksgiving to the Czechs and Slovaks who fell in the struggle to liberate the Czech and Czechoslovak states.

  48. In late 1838, Macdonald agreed to advise one of a group of American raiders who had crossed the border to liberate Canada from what they saw as the yoke of British colonial oppression.

  49. With Ahsoka reluctant to train Grogu because of his strong attachment to the Mandalorian, the latter helps Ahsoka defeat Elsbeth and liberate Calidan in the hopes of changing her mind.

  50. Hanya Holm's approach to teaching was to liberate each individual to define a technical style of his or her own that should express their inner personality and give freedom to explore.

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