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  1. By noon the town was liberated.

  2. Christopher Street shall be liberated.

  3. The town was liberated on the morning of 18 August.

  4. He weighed 41 kilograms (90 lb) when he was liberated.

  5. I hope that the area south of Srem will be liberated by ..

  6. Binding energy had been liberated from inside the nucleus.

  7. Dęblin was liberated by the 1st Polish Army by 27 July 1944.

  8. On 15 July, the mob liberated prisoners from the local gaol.

  9. In 1873 he liberated Puigcerdá from the siege of the Carlists.

  10. The Americans arrived the following day and liberated the camp.

  11. Finally, on April 29, 1945, the POWs were liberated by George S.

  12. They were made prisoners of war, but were liberated within days.

  13. I find myself smiling more often, I feel more free and liberated.

  14. He was with the Canadian forces who liberated Dieppe on September 1.

  15. Daugavpils was liberated on 27 July, and then Panevėžys and Šiauliai.

  16. By mid-September, the Allies had liberated most of France and Belgium.

  17. Towns liberated during missions give access to a wider range of shops.

  18. Only nine rebels survived to be liberated by Australian forces in 1944.

  19. This ensures wide dispersal of the fungal spores liberated from the corpse.

  20. Eventually, the RPF stormed the buildings and the prisoners were liberated.

  21. He dies in poverty, a shadow of the man who liberated much of the continent.

  22. In 164 BCE Judas Maccabaeus liberated Jerusalem and reconsecrated the Temple.

  23. When Korea was eventually liberated in 1945, fewer plays addressed this topic.

  24. The raid was considered successful—489 POWs were liberated, along with 33 civilians.

  25. Moose were liberated in the valley in 1910, but it is not thought that they survived.

  26. After James was liberated in June 1583, he assumed increasing control of his kingdom.

  27. Penang was liberated by the Royal Marines on the following day under Operation Jurist.

  28. The camp was liberated by a task force comprising the 2nd Battalion, 114th Regiment, U.S.

  29. He especially praised Griffin, saying the saxophonist "consistently liberated the performances".

  30. Having liberated terminals at Nəvai, Atbulaq and Ələt by August 1, 1918, he marched towards Baku.

  31. A short-lived republic was created in the liberated west, the first liberated territory in Europe.

  32. Aki is pulled from the crater holding Gray's body, and is seen looking into the newly liberated world.

  33. Tenjo road towards the island capital of Agana, which it liberated the same day after token resistance.

  34. In Autumn 1944, the Partisans and the Soviet Red Army liberated Belgrade following the Belgrade Offensive.

  35. Matilda sent a small force of soldiers to Verona who liberated the Empress and accompanied her to Tuscany.

  36. Louis Vartel from the LGBT oriented website NewNownext, called it her "coolest, most liberated dance opus".

  37. Energy had been liberated from inside the nucleus, and he realised that this was a result of nuclear fusion.

  38. On September 9, 1943, the troops of the 75th Guards Rifle Division liberated the city from German occupation.

  39. Priestley visited Lavoisier in October 1774 and told him about his experiment and how he liberated the new gas.

  40. Some were deported to Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen in January 1945 while others were liberated by the Red Army.

  41. The Soviets had liberated Auschwitz 11 days earlier, and the Americans were making their way towards Buchenwald.

  42. At the same time, she believed that the movement on behalf of human liberty must be staffed by liberated humans.

  43. Upon witnessing the Leader's ignoble and ironic death they are liberated to celebrate life with jubilant abandon.

  44. When the steamboats sounded their whistles, slaves throughout the area understood that they were being liberated.

  45. Finally, the internees and all eleven of the navy nurses, including Cobb, were liberated by a combination of U.S.

  46. When the south of the Netherlands was liberated later that year, the Royal Air Force took control of the airfield.

  47. American forces liberated Rome on 4 June, and Murphy remained bivouacked in Rome with his platoon throughout July.

  48. On April 4, 1945, the town of San Juan was liberated by the combined Filipino and American soldiers and guerillas.

  49. In April 1863 the insurgents attacked a transport of prisoners of war captured by the Russians and liberated them.

  50. Later that day, Qaruh Island was captured by coalition forces, becoming the first Kuwaiti territory to be liberated.

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