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  1. Ashley arrives later and listens as Sydney reveals his true intentions.

  2. After a while, he listens for the pug, calls it, and hopes that it returns.

  3. Shiva listens with great pleasure and then they return towards Their abode.

  4. Nevertheless, the range and depth of the numbers do impress you on repeated listens.

  5. He befriends Helen Leonard, who sympathises with his troubles and listens to his doubts.

  6. Puff is Betty's pet cat who listens to music and is always seen wearing pink headphones.

  7. In another room, the man listens to a speech being given by B-Real, dressed as Fidel Castro.

  8. This time, Sherry listens but, just as Abe brings up the gun, police who are already in the cafe shoot him dead.

  9. In 2017, Stone is adjusting to his new abilities and secretly listens in on a conversation between Wayne and Prince.

  10. He holds up her copy of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, which she declines to sell on the grounds that she still listens to it.

  11. In the period drama Rajanna (2011), the central character Mallamma (played by Baby Annie) listens to Mayabazar's songs.

  12. Florence Harding practiced strict economy and wrote of Harding, "he does well when he listens to me and poorly when he does not.".

  13. Leila is brought in; Zurga is captivated by her beauty as he listens to her pleas for Nadir's life, but his jealousy is rekindled.

  14. A cool New York cousin who plays with lighting and films outside of a sound stage and only listens to old vinyl records of the classics.

  15. The crew of Queen Anne lock Mulder in the captain's quarters, where he listens to a radio broadcast announcing the start of World War II.

  16. Andy Thorley of Maximum Volume Music gave it an 8.5/10 and called it "A record that, given a couple of listens, will reveal its true majesty".

  17. Oak Report, watches episodes of an anime series at Pichu Bros., and listens to plot-advancing news coverage from a Psyduck at Pokémon News Flash (PNF).

  18. They added a scene in which Mei Li listens apprehensively to a radio broadcast warning about the dangers to the United States caused by Asian immigration.

  19. Other songs were integrated into the show itself: one suspect listens to the Public Enemy song "Gett off My Back" on headphones just before he was arrested.

  20. Brax offers Charlie parenting advice about Ruby's relationships; Anderson said that Charlie listens to the advice yet refuses to admit that Brax is correct.

  21. In a March 2009 interview with Ponystep, group member Mutya Buena revealed that she thinks One Touch is the band's best work and that she still listens to it.

  22. On Homer's first day at work, Scorpio gives him a tour of the company and listens with interest to his secret dream of owning the Dallas Cowboys football team.

  23. During his appearance, Dreyfuss's character listens to the song "Show Me the Way to Go Home" on the radio, which Hooper, Quint and Brody sing together aboard the Orca.

  24. The player listens to the randomly ordered statements made by each head, then decides how to chronologically arrange the statements to form a coherent conversation based on context.

  25. Anne patiently listens to the various complaints confided in her by each of the Musgrove family; this includes Mary's husband Charles, sisters-in-law Louisa and Henrietta, and parents-in-law Mr.

  26. Drummond does not want Arnold fighting the bully, and ultimately decides that Arnold must make peace with "The Gooch." Arnold, however, listens to his brother, Willis, who tells him to fight back.

  27. While Teodora remains unconscious, Francesco listens to her heartbeat, then carries her downstairs, incinerates Anna's body in the furnace and dresses and makes up Teodora just like her twin sister's corpse.

  28. Ross Hoffman described the album as "glorious and galvanising" and labelled it "a convoluted construction crammed with so many immediately gratifying moments that it takes multiple listens to extricate them all".

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