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  1. Another boulder has closed loops.

  2. Unlike I-194, these loops are not freeways.

  3. Doing loop the loops isn't a big deal really".

  4. In Michigan, I-69 currently has four business loops.

  5. Manufacturers state a 90% precision for induction loops.

  6. Playing along to drum loops that drummer Larry Mullen Jr.

  7. The second image shows some loops in a plane minus a point.

  8. Skaters also performed a group of smaller figures called loops.

  9. These strings look like small segments or loops of ordinary string.

  10. The Chandra X-ray Observatory has detected loops and rings in the gas.

  11. Bad Gyal's voice stutters and chops along with the dembow drum loops.".

  12. For example, elements of the fundamental group are represented by loops.

  13. In both the direct and indirect loops there are two feedback mechanisms.

  14. The game then loops back to the first stage, allowing for infinite play.

  15. The loops at Taksal, Gumman, and Dharampur help to attain flatter gradients.

  16. The naïve algorithm using three nested loops uses Ω(n) communication bandwidth.

  17. Alex repeatedly loops back to the past, mainly to times she talked with Michael.

  18. The coronal loops can be seen due to the plasma they conduct along their length.

  19. Additional loops and Sunset Campground are open from late spring to early autumn.

  20. It is one of three business loops for M-numbered highways in the state of Michigan.

  21. They find Clarissa, but time loops to her jumping to her death before disappearing.

  22. The cities served by these loops are: Coldwater, Charlotte, Lansing, and Port Huron.

  23. John Polson of IndieGames.com believed that "the spectacles like loops and wall runs ..

  24. Half of the song was recorded as a series of loops of drum beats and bass guitar chords.

  25. The multi-loop, multi-gap LGRs with more than two loops have more than one resonant mode.

  26. There have been three business loops for US 41: Ishpeming–Negaunee, Marquette and Baraga.

  27. There have been three business loops for M-28: Ishpeming–Negaunee, Marquette and Newberry.

  28. The road test consisted of six two-lane loops along the future alignment of Interstate 80.

  29. Humpbacks use two main behaviors to create bubble-netting; upward spirals and double loops.

  30. Levels in Sonic games feature elements such as slopes, bottomless pits, and vertical loops.

  31. When she appears in this form, the tresses on either side of her face often curl into loops.

  32. Inductive coupling loops are typically used to couple magnetic flux into and out of the LGR.

  33. There are currently two business loops (BL I-196) and one business spur (BS I-196) along I-196.

  34. The ride consists of two continuous cable loops, held up by six evenly-dispersed support towers.

  35. Its business loops are located in Cheyenne, Chugwater, Wheatland, Douglas, Glenrock, and Casper.

  36. The album features metronomic sound effects during "Speak to Me", and tape loops opening "Money".

  37. The 85-mile (137 km) long Susquehannock Trail System passes close to the park and loops around it.

  38. Type A is better for cable loops where leakage is negligible but resistance varies with temperature.

  39. Here it is gradually warmed, becomes less dense, rises towards the surface and loops back on itself.

  40. This theory describes space as an extremely fine fabric "woven" of finite loops called spin networks.

  41. There are four related business loops for I-69 in the state, connecting the freeway to adjacent cities.

  42. I-25 in Wyoming currently has no auxiliary Interstates but has six business loops and one business spur.

  43. The band sought to reinvent its sound and intended to incorporate drum loops and percussion experiments.

  44. There are snowshoe loops and 78 mi (126 km) of groomed Nordic ski trails around Galena Lodge in the SNRA.

  45. Important features incorporated in the line include four loops (spirals) and four 'Z' reverses (zigzags).

  46. In a study of brain cortical neurons, 24,937 loops were found, bringing enhancers to their target promoters.

  47. NASCAR used scoring loops and video replay to decide that Kyle was in front of Carl at the moment of caution.

  48. Kelvin–Helmholtz waves are a form of cirrus intortus that has been twisted into loops by vertical wind shear.

  49. The structure of DNA is dynamic along its length, being capable of coiling into tight loops and other shapes.

  50. The first coronal mass ejection may have been observed as coronal loops progressing during this total eclipse.

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