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  1. Very broad and loose in style.

  2. Nests are built in loose colonies.

  3. Much loose material was hauled off.

  4. His teeth became loose and painful.

  5. They feed mainly on loose aufwuchs.

  6. Pairs may breed alone or in loose groups.

  7. If loose bodies are found, they are removed.

  8. We both had a loose relationship with reality.

  9. It nests both in loose groups and isolated pairs.

  10. There must be no more loose talk and rumour mongering.

  11. Flowers are white to yellowish-white, in loose umbels.

  12. Caesar is described as routinely wearing loose clothes.

  13. However, it has been criticized for having a loose plot.

  14. George was appalled by what he saw as their loose morals.

  15. The ice was now too loose for sled travel, so the party transferred to the boats.

  16. The skin hangs loosely on the body because of the lack of loose connective tissue.

  17. The flight of the Alpine chough is swift and acrobatic with loose deep wing beats.

  18. The black-and-white art is in loose, fluid, and sketchy brushwork with a gray wash.

  19. The red-billed tropicbird usually nests on isolated cliff faces, in loose colonies.

  20. If only one participant pulls the string, it comes loose and the platform can no longer be retrieved.

  21. Nest building takes place in loose colonies and is synchronized among pairs in the "courtship party".

  22. A third also sank slightly out of position when the tug towing it cut it loose to avoid the shelling.

  23. Pluto and Charon will loose their diffuse water atmosphere into space, leaving an exposed rocky core.

  24. This encouraged the breeding of larger ducks, with pronounced exaggerated keels, and loose baggy skin.

  25. Dreamers functioned as a side story to Chrono Trigger, resolving a loose subplot from its predecessor.

  26. However, he scored runs from any loose bowling and batted in all for 230 minutes, hitting eight fours.

  27. Richard Dreyfuss made a cameo appearance in the 2010 film Piranha 3D, a loose remake of the 1978 film.

  28. Pocket gopher abundance is dependent upon an abundance of herbaceous groundcover and loose, sandy soils.

  29. The term 7561 is a commonly used though loose term for the interactive video aspects of the 7502 series.

  30. The tree swallow nests either in isolated pairs or loose groups, in both natural and artificial cavities.

  31. The girl adjusted to her new life, but she was considered to be "rather loose and wanton in her conduct".

  32. The Burundian midfielder was the first to react to the loose ball after a Beavon volley had been stopped.

  33. Historian and mariner Mark Thompson believes that something broke loose from Edmund Fitzgerald's deck.

  34. Scantily clad in costumes cut in the styles of underwear, they wear long boots and sport their hair loose.

  35. Harvey's master asked if Vengeur should be cut loose, to which Harvey replied "No; we have got her and we will keep her".

  36. The loose ensemble of musical friends later relocated to Newcastle upon Tyne, where Wood and Green pursued music degrees.

  37. The ground composition under the lot varied significantly, as the hardpan was compact in some places and loose in others.

  38. The species begins breeding in response to rodent outbreaks, with pairs nesting in loose colonies of up to 50 birds each.

  39. Returner Danny Milligan fumbled the ball, but he recovered the loose ball and returned it to the Cincinnati 20-yard line.

  40. At first, two elephants were released simultaneously to walk side by side in two lanes to the two loose ends of the rope.

  41. A further explosion, possibly from shells breaking loose, shook the aft end of the ship as it began to roll over and sink.

  42. An important consideration was how they could be shot down if they broke loose of their moorings with a live hydrogen bomb.

  43. They cut loose her anchors and boats and pumped drinking water overboard to lighten her load, thereby increasing her speed.

  44. In mid-1986, Roncor regained full ownership even though Intergem had sold loose gems and jewelry worth millions of dollars.

  45. The monologues by different comedians seldom tie into each other, but the structure of the show puts the monologues in the loose framework of a panel discussion talk show.

  46. In 1970 a loose timber was located and on 5 May 1971, the first structural details of the buried hull were identified after they were partially uncovered by winter storms.

  47. The tourists had largely been content to wait for loose deliveries, rather than take risks, and as the Englishmen bowled accurately, the Australians did not score quickly.

  48. Pole-sitter Scott Riggs lost the lead on the first lap after getting loose in turn 4, sliding up and colliding with Ryan Newman, allowing Jeremy Mayfield to take the lead.

  49. Adopting the approach he had used so effectively at Bletchley Park, Newman set his people loose on the detailed work while he concentrated on orchestrating the endeavor.".

Synonyms for loose

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word loose has the following synonyms: at large, escaped, on the loose, free, baggy, loose-fitting, sloppy, flyaway, lax, easy, light, promiscuous, sluttish, wanton, unchaste, liberal, inexact, friable, sandy, shifting, unfirm, silty, unconsolidated, idle, irresponsible, informal, unofficial, insecure, unconstipated, regular, open, coarse, harsh, phlegmy, slack, unaffixed, unbound, uncontrolled, unpackaged, liberate, release, unloose, loosen, relax, unleash and let loose.

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