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  1. He had produced oxygen gas by heating mercuric oxide (HgO) and various nitrates in 1771–72.

  2. Scheele discovered it by heating potassium nitrate, mercuric oxide, and many other substances about 1772.

  3. Mayer's reagent is freshly prepared by dissolving a mixture of mercuric chloride (1.36 g) and of potassium iodide (5.00 g) in water (100.0 ml).

  4. He has historically been credited with the independent discovery of oxygen in 1774 by the thermal decomposition of mercuric oxide, having isolated it.

  5. Priestley called the new substance "dephlogisticated air", which he made in the famous experiment by focusing the sun's rays on a sample of mercuric oxide.

  6. The date was chosen to mark the hundredth anniversary of Priestley's experiment producing oxygen by heating mercuric oxide with a magnifying lens and sunlight.

  7. Prominent features are the simple but elegant stained glass windows, consisting of a checkerboard pattern of bright red mercuric glass and alternating bright blue cobalt glass squares.

  8. In the meantime, on August 1, 1774, an experiment conducted by the British clergyman Joseph Priestley focused sunlight on mercuric oxide contained in a glass tube, which liberated a gas he named "dephlogisticated air".

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