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  1. However, it is invariably misspelled as the latter.

  2. The winning entry had "Pharaoh" misspelled, she said.

  3. They found little favor, possibly because Hawaii's motto was misspelled.

  4. Tom himself actually faked the autograph, and deliberately misspelled her name "Lesly" as a joke.

  5. God forgive me." The coroner misspelled Smith's first name in the autopsy report, omitting the second 't'.

  6. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 (where it is misspelled as "Issac").

  7. The one given to California Chrome contained a typographical error, with California misspelled as "Califorina".

  8. Greene used misspelled words, including "Kwonzo", "eggsackly", and "imbentor", to represent the babies' dialogue.

  9. Frank Arthur "Bones" Jenner (surname often misspelled Genor; 2 November 1903 8 May 1977) was an Australian evangelist.

  10. In all three cases "America" was intentionally misspelled, alluding to the white supremacist movement of the Ku Klux Klan.

  11. The series was first announced in 2004 for a 2006 release, with The Emperor's New Skool as its tentative, deliberately misspelled title.

  12. The first explorers in the area misspelled the name, thus changing the "C" to an "S".Herds of bison once roamed the prairies near the town of Sheyenne.

  13. The genus name is often misspelled as Sarcorhamphus, improperly retaining the Greek rough breathing despite agglutination with the previous word-element.

  14. The Triple Crown blanket awarded to American Pharoah after his Belmont win inadvertently used the correct spelling of "pharaoh", and hence misspelled his name.

  15. The Times once again ran a report, giving the final figures for Collins's innings in its Wednesday edition of 28 June—once again, however, they misspelled his third initial.

  16. He mentioned how he was drawn to cheap and misspelled posters, amateur layouts of local papers and printed cash and carry signs with "inverted commas where you don't need them".

  17. The D'Nealian Method (sometimes misspelled Denealian), is a style of writing and teaching handwriting based on Latin script which was developed between 1965 and 1978 by Donald N.

  18. Those closest to the scientific fields under discussion, geology and vertebrate paleontology, certainly winced, particularly as they found themselves quoted, mentioned, or misspelled.

  19. By the end of May, Sibelius had settled on Aallottaret, and the tone poem appeared under this title, albeit misspelled, on the 4 June Norfolk Festival program: "Aalottaret [sic]—Tone Poem (Nymphs of the Ocean)".

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