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  1. They had an open marriage.

  2. Most occur in open habitats.

  3. They hurriedly tore it open.

  4. It is not open to the public.

  5. The event is open and seeded.

  6. The cabin is open to visitors.

  7. The museum is open from 9 a.m.

  8. The site is open to the public.

  9. It is expected to open in 2030.

  10. It is scheduled to open in 2018.

  11. Krieger's own crew was on the verge of open mutiny.

  12. Upland bird seasons are open to the general public.

  13. The front was left open, with handles at the sides.

  14. In party-list systems, lists may be open or closed.

  15. It produces numerous flower heads in an open array.

  16. Roach, promoted to open, made 50 and put on 48 with Challenor and 46 with Martin.

  17. Grebes stroke more vigorously with an open bill a behaviour known as "stropping".

  18. After Fox's death in September 1806, the King and ministry were in open conflict.

  19. In 1965, the decision was made to open a literary college on the edge of Le Mans.

  20. All apart from Stone Cross (closed 1935) and Glyne Gap (closed 1915) remain open.

  21. The United Verde open pit, about 300 feet (91 m) deep, is on the edge of town next to Cleopatra Hill.

  22. It is maintained by the Lake Champlain Transportation Company, and is open all seasons except winter.

  23. The Friends operate a monthly walk open to the public on the second Saturday of each month, at 07h30.

  24. In a 2005 open day, the lobby area of the CVO included a display and painting commemorating Johnston.

  25. The park also has a 500-slip marina, open to boats up to 42-foot-long (13 m), and five boat launches.

  26. They plan to open a paint shop but need ₹1.25 lakh to rent a shop as prerequisite to get a bank loan.

  27. Chappel deployed the three Greek units in Heraklion and the open ground to the town's west and south.

  28. But the South had no industrial base and depended on open access to British markets for their cotton.

  29. The other two active open pit mines were located in Michigan, in 2016 one of the two mines shut down.

  30. Today, the gatehouse is available for holiday lets, and the manor is open is visitors by appointment.

  31. On 15 August, Endeavour finally turned south to explore the open ocean for Terra Australis Incognita.

  32. Recent times has seen it open four campuses in Cubao, Caloocan, San Fernando and in Miranda, Angeles.

  33. Its narrative, humor, combat, progression-systems, soundtrack, and open world-design received praise.

  34. Editor Rob Crossley said that for the first time, Rockstar created an "utterly beautiful" open world.

  35. Victoria Park is a 35-hectare (86-acre) area of open land to the south-east of Leicester city centre.

  36. As the Test players were tired, Bradman gave them a lighter workload and assigned Hamence and Loxton to open the bowling.

  37. Unlike racing games that restrict the player to a race track, Midtown Madness offers an open world recreation of Chicago.

  38. The service from North Acton through Greenford and Ruislip to Denham was due to open between January 1940 and March 1941.

  39. An additional Metro line that will connect Washington to Dulles airport is expected to open by July 2021 at the earliest.

  40. It will be open to the public on non-game days after the surrounding apartment buildings and retail spaces are completed.

  41. The section from Burton to Lichfield remains open to freight traffic and Voyager trains returning to a depot near Barton.

  42. Living in open woodland and other open forest habitats, it is mostly sedentary, though some populations may be migratory.

  43. The ovaries form compressed, obovate (teardrop-shaped) dry fruits that do not open at maturity, measuring 3 to 4 mm long.

  44. Yellow-tailed black cockatoos have been reported flocking to Banksia cones ten days after bushfire as the follicles open.

  45. Access was at the ends via open lattice gates and the units were modified so that they could run off-peak as 3-car units.

  46. These consisted of an open courtyard fronting a row of entrances into subterranean corridors and chambers dug in the hillsides of El-Tarif and Deir el-Bahari, near Thebes.

  47. A similar representation on a 5th-century sarcophagus in the Lateran Museum shows Jonah swimming towards the open jaws of a whale with horned ears and a long, coiled tail.

  48. As Jared Diamond points out, most biological examples of rolling are found in wide open, hard packed terrain, including the use of rolling by dung beetles and tumbleweeds.

  49. She proceeded to the Australian Championships, winning the 110-yard freestyle in 1 minute 7.6 seconds to become the youngest ever winner of an open title at the age of 13.

  50. Cornwallis was hampered by the poor sailing of two of his squadron, and on the morning of 17 June the leading French ships were close enough to open fire on his rearguard.

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Synonyms for open

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word open has the following synonyms: active, assailable, undefendable, undefended, vulnerable, available, candid, heart-to-heart, ingenuous, artless, capable, subject, susceptible, clear, unobstructed, exposed, unprotected, loose, coarse, harsh, nonunion, opened, agape, gaping, agaze, staring, wide-eyed, wide, yawning, unsealed, unstoppered, open, unfastened, overt, bald, barefaced, naked, raw, undisguised, visible, explicit, expressed, unconcealed, public, receptive, acceptive, acceptant, admissive, assimilative, hospitable, unconstricted, undecided, undetermined, unresolved, unsettled, unenclosed, ajar, wide-open, unrestricted, outdoors, out-of-doors, open ai, surface, afford, give, open up, unfold, spread and spread ou.

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