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  1. When war breaks out an alien becomes prima facie an outlaw ..

  2. I do not feel that there is any chance to outlaw any one weapon.

  3. The film's premise of an outlaw reforming his ways was appreciated.

  4. The outlaw Gilderoy is a more likely historical figure for the story.

  5. This would outlaw such vessels, but Britain required that, if the U.S.

  6. He introduced legislation to outlaw hoarding, export, and melting of U.S.

  7. Knox was declared an outlaw, and the Queen Regent summoned the Protestants to Stirling.

  8. He also advocated passage of a measure to outlaw poll taxes, but the bill was defeated.

  9. The Free Soilers stated that Congress had the power to outlaw slavery in the territories.

  10. The biggest state to outlaw betting was New York, which passed the Hart–Agnew Law in 1908.

  11. Now an outlaw, McTeague returns to Placer County and teams up with a prospector named Cribbens.

  12. At this point Canning had not been seen publicly for some time, and she was proclaimed an outlaw.

  13. Taylor advocated the admission of California and New Mexico, which were both likely to outlaw slavery.

  14. Because of his association with the outlaws, he is often confused with the similarly named outlaw Zhou Tong.

  15. A 1911 Du Bois editorial helped initiate a nationwide push to induce the Federal government to outlaw lynching.

  16. He was a signatory to the Slavery Convention of 25 September 1926, which sought to outlaw the use of forced labour.

  17. Some tried to outlaw the volley and a discussion on its merits took place in The Field for weeks after the tournament.

  18. The Calhoun doctrine said that neither Congress nor the citizens of the territories could outlaw slavery in the territories.

  19. Although Marwan was stigmatized as an outlaw and a father of tyrants in later anti-Umayyad tradition, the historian Clifford E.

  20. Perhaps more likely that the character of Robin Hood may well have taken the career of some real outlaw, such as James Coterel ..

  21. But Zhou later becomes an outlaw himself after he aids the heroes of the Water Margin and is forced to flee from government forces.

  22. Because of his association with these outlaws, Zhou is often confused with the similarly named outlaw "Little Conqueror" Zhou Tong.

  23. Johnson gave a major speech in the Senate in December, decrying Northerners who would endanger the Union by seeking to outlaw slavery.

  24. While it was very open and accepting to some, it seemed to outlaw and shun out most others who didn't fit that "elite" categorization.

  25. Sun later becomes an outlaw under Chao Gai and helps defeat the evil Zhu Family, who learn military arts from his classmate Luan Tingyu.

  26. Chicago lawyer Salmon Levinson, who had formulated the plan to outlaw war, labored long to get the mercurial Borah on board as its spokesman.

  27. He wrapped up that year making Sierra starring Wanda Hendrix, who by that time had become his wife, and Kansas Raiders as outlaw Jesse James.

  28. Other general provisions specifically outlaw literacy tests and similar devices that were historically used to disenfranchise racial minorities.

  29. Cobb, about a reformed outlaw and killer who is forced to confront his violent past when the train he is riding in is held up by his former gang members.

  30. In early September 2006, a new law was passed to outlaw adultery, and Ranariddh responded by accusing the government of attempting to undermine FUNCINPEC.

  31. Her initial involvement was in promoting petitions to Parliament to prevent women being employed as barmaids, and to outlaw the sale of alcohol to children.

  32. The tale also gives him the nickname "Iron Arm", which he shares with the executioner-turned-outlaw Cai Fu, and makes the outlaw Lu Zhishen his sworn brother.

  33. A nearby plaque was also dedicated to Bradley's memory, and reads: "Audubon warden was shot and killed off this shore by outlaw feather hunters, July 8, 1905.

  34. The same year, and again in 1794, Wilberforce unsuccessfully brought before Parliament a bill to outlaw British ships from supplying slaves to foreign colonies.

  35. But Zhou comments that his "old wife" died and his "small son" was killed in battle against the Liaos after leaving with the outlaw Lu Junyi to fight in the war.

  36. In the South, we have pure blood lines and we intend to keep it that way." They stated that they planned to introduce legislation to outlaw such communist-inspired works.

  37. His career as a rapper officially began in 1989, after he won a rap battle, subsequently taking the stage name "Rappin' Hood" as a pun on legendary English outlaw Robin Hood.

  38. During July 1793 and while he was in Paris as a delegate of the young Mainz Republic, Prussian and Austrian coalition forces regained control of the city and Forster was declared an outlaw.

  39. When the Florida legislature passed the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) model law to outlaw the killing of plume birds, this created a need for qualified and competent wardens to enforce it.

  40. Its goal was to distribute public lands to people who would live on the property, limit the amount of land an individual could own, and outlaw the confiscation of free homesteads given to settlers.

  41. He is made the sworn brother of the outlaw "Flowery Monk" Lu Zhishen, a military officer-turned-fighting monk, who is, according to Hsia, first among the most popular protagonists of the Water Margin.

  42. In the absence of an official heir to the throne, Isabeau accompanied King Charles to sign the Treaty of Troyes in May 1420; Gibbons writes that the treaty "only confirmed [the Dauphin's] outlaw status".

  43. Film scholars have compared the mild-mannered, obedient son Ramu with the god Rama of the epic Ramayana, and the romantic outlaw Birju—a name of Krishna—with the god Krishna, known for his transgressions.

  44. The Coterels' activities show how "interwoven the criminal, the military, and the royal administrative" could be; sometimes, says Carter Revard, "the outlaw of one year could be the brave soldier of the next".

  45. Set in the American West of 1893, the series follows its title character, a Harvard-educated lawyer-turned-bounty hunter hired by a group of wealthy industrialists to track and capture outlaw John Bly and his gang.

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Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word outlaw has the following synonyms: illegitimate, illicit, outlawed, unlawful, illegal, lawless, criminal, felon, crook, malefactor, criminalize, criminalise, illegalize and illegalise.

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