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  1. This planar compound has idealized C2V molecular symmetry.

  2. Boron trifluoride is planar and possesses an incomplete octet.

  3. This is also the dominant mode on some planar transmission lines.

  4. This article includes both kinds, so long as they are in a planar form.

  5. The first planar slab dielectric line, imageline, is due to King in 1952.

  6. There are a wide range of substrates that are used with planar technologies.

  7. Slotline, the first printed planar dielectric line type, is due to Cohn in 1968.

  8. Other forms of printed planar lines include stripline, finline and many variations.

  9. This is done in planar technologies by a change in the width of the transmission line.

  10. Imageline, also image line or image guide, is a planar form of dielectric slab waveguide.

  11. There are several forms of planar line, but the kind known as microstrip is the most common.

  12. The earliest type of planar transmission line was conceived during World War II by Robert M.

  13. The planar technologies are thus particularly well suited to mass production of such components.

  14. This gives the planar technologies a big economic advantage over other types, such as coaxial line.

  15. Other inversive solutions to the planar problem are possible besides the common ones described below.

  16. LSE and LSM modes can occur in planar transmission line types with non-homogeneous transmission media.

  17. Such a topology is straightforward to implement in open-wire circuits but not with a planar technology.

  18. This spherical problem can be rendered into a corresponding planar problem using stereographic projection.

  19. This was not possible to implement in planar technologies and was often inconvenient in other technologies.

  20. Tapers can provide transitions between lines in different media, especially different forms of planar media.

  21. The molecule is planar with a minor bend around the C-B bond of 6.6° and 21.4° for the two PhB(OH)2 molecules.

  22. Thus, the dendrites of a Purkinje cell form a dense planar net, through which parallel fibers pass at right angles.

  23. It is not known when planar transmission lines originated, but experiments using them were recorded as early as 1936.

  24. A small selection of the many circuits that can be constructed with planar transmission lines are shown in the figure.

  25. Some planar types, notably microstrip, do not have a homogeneous dielectric; it is different above and below the line.

  26. Conks, the fruiting bodies of polypores, lie in a close planar grouping of separate or interconnected horizontal rows.

  27. SIW also has high Q and high power handling, and, as a planar technology, is easier to integrate with other components.

  28. At the highest microwave frequencies planar transmission line types are generally too lossy and waveguide is used instead.

  29. These compounds are both square planar, d complexes, with a total of 16 valence electrons, which accounts for their reactivity.

  30. Most intercalators are aromatic and planar molecules; examples include ethidium bromide, acridines, daunomycin, and doxorubicin.

  31. Despite this, open circuits are often used in planar formats in preference to short circuits because they are easier to implement.

  32. It is necessary to match the characteristic impedance of the planar line to the impedance of the systems to which it is connected.

  33. A relatively recent technology being used inside hollow-metal-waveguide filters is finline, a kind of planar dielectric waveguide.

  34. The majority of modern distributed-element circuits use planar transmission lines, especially those in mass-produced consumer items.

  35. The term waveguide when used unadorned, means the hollow, or dielectric filled, metal kind of waveguide, which is not a planar form.

  36. At first, components made in planar types were made as discrete parts connected together, usually with coaxial lines and connectors.

  37. The most widely used planar transmission lines (of any kind) are stripline, microstrip, suspended stripline, and coplanar waveguide.

  38. Some planar types that are designed to operate as TEM devices can also support TE and TM modes unless steps are taken to suppress them.

  39. Mason and Sykes' work was focused on the formats of coaxial cable and balanced pairs of wires the planar technologies were not yet in use.

  40. Coupled lines tend to be preferred in planar technologies, where they are easy to implement, whereas stubs tend to be preferred elsewhere.

  41. This led to the concept of hybrid MICs: hybrid because lumped components were included in the designs connected together with planar lines.

  42. Trapped imageline overcomes this drawback, but is more complex to manufacture since it detracts from the simplicity of the planar structure.

  43. Since the 1970s, there has been a great proliferation in new variations of the basic planar types to aid miniaturisation and mass production.

  44. Depending on the enzyme, the hydride donor is positioned either "above" or "below" the plane of the planar C4 carbon, as defined in the figure.

  45. This caught on rapidly, and Barrett's stripline soon had fierce commercial competition from rival planar formats, especially triplate and microstrip.

  46. In planar media they can be implemented as a meandering line of high-resistance material, or as a deposited patch of thin-film or thick-film material.

  47. Waveguide mostly finds uses in high-end products, such as high-power military radars and the upper microwave bands (where planar formats are too lossy).

  48. For simplicity and efficiency, often only the alpha carbon positions are considered, since the peptide bond has a minimally variant planar conformation.

  49. The other planar fracture, Nahlin, is an east-dipping thrust fault extending several hundred kilometres from northern British Columbia into southern Yukon.

  50. The more stable Tc6 and Tc8 clusters have prism shapes where vertical pairs of Tc atoms are connected by triple bonds and the planar atoms by single bonds.

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