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  1. It was planned to be a U.S.

  2. The game went on as planned.

  3. A 2022 Conference is planned.

  4. It was a planned career move.

  5. No Android release is planned.

  6. The raid did not go as planned.

  7. But very little went as planned.

  8. Many more buildings were planned.

  9. NOIDA is a planned city and IT hub.

  10. Washington, D.C., is a planned city.

  11. He planned it well and rehearsed the shot for long.

  12. In 2009, eight more Whispering Giants were planned.

  13. In all, five Yamato-class battleships were planned.

  14. XVII to XXI are planned to cover the New Testament.

  15. A second episode was planned, with a larger budget.

  16. However, George locks Middleton in his flat and performs the concerto as planned.

  17. Professor Ojo planned to thus show the world the devastating effect of radiation.

  18. Turner planned to introduce US-style animation to the Asian market through Quest.

  19. Seven years later, Phillips planned to return to the WNBL for the 2015–16 season.

  20. The Tuileries was the first palace that Catherine had planned from the ground up.

  21. The club planned to hold a summer competition by covering the mountain with "straw and pine needles".

  22. Weaver planned to campaign on behalf of Democratic candidates that year, but did not have the chance.

  23. His condition steadily worsened, causing him to cancel his planned trip to Cuba and return to Kokomo.

  24. They came up with a temporary solution and planned to improve the pathfinding later into development.

  25. Looking Glass Studios planned to create a third Ultima Underworld, but Origin rejected their pitches.

  26. As a result, the planned commando landing to neutralise it (Operations Frog and Deer) were cancelled.

  27. The proposed interchange at DE 16 is in the design phase, with construction planned to begin in 2027.

  28. Similar service was planned for Stamford and Bridgeport stations in the spring of 2006 but no others.

  29. These caused a planned attack against the outbound convoy PQ 8 at the end of January to be abandoned.

  30. Historian Hobart Huson speculates that these men were the last to receive word of the planned attack.

  31. The series consists of thirteen games available for multiple platforms and future titles are planned.

  32. The first sound version of the play on film, this version was planned as a sound film from the start.

  33. The prince had planned an all-male group and intended to spend much of the time hunting and shooting.

  34. On 23 May 2009, Fairfax newspapers reported that the Royal Australian Mint planned to scrap the coin.

  35. As of 1982, a Version 3 of iMAX was planned for release, which was to add support for virtual memory.

  36. Because of the late 2000s recession, the 2009 Yukon Quest purse was reduced to $151,000 from a planned total of $200,000.

  37. At the time, the city planned to pay $75 million for the acquisition of the land and construction of the stadium project.

  38. The Indians planned to use Tucker as their fourth outfielder for the 1949 season when he served mostly as backup to Doby.

  39. The convoy took a special route planned by the Third Southern Expeditionary Fleet to reduce the risk of submarine attack.

  40. Several conspirators expressed disquiet over the safety of fellow Catholics who might be caught in the planned explosion.

  41. Hawken initially planned for the filming to take place over a 24-hour period, but it instead took place over four months.

  42. At the time, its planned routing was not previously designated as part of the State Trunkline Highway System in Michigan.

  43. Muhammad also planned a joint offensive with Aragon against Castile, but he died in 1302 before the operation took place.

  44. Using this information, National Geographic planned to mount an expedition to search for the wreck in the summer of 2017.

  45. Thơ was privately aware that he was the choice of the generals to run the government after the planned overthrow of Diệm.

  46. Ion Storm promoted a fall 2000 release date in May, and IGN reported in July that a Dreamcast port of Anachronox was planned for production after the PC version's release.

  47. While originally planned to be 46,000 square feet (4,300 m), by the time construction began the final design called for 45,000 square feet (4,200 m) of space in Ford Hall.

  48. Subsequent public statements from company personnel had been contradictory about whether production was to be renewed or planned story elements worked into other products.

  49. Later analysis of naval support during the pre-landing phase concluded that the navy had provided inadequate bombardment, given the size and extent of the planned assault.

  50. Electronic Arts planned to produce a sequel to the game, entitled The Simpsons Game 2 but was cancelled in 2011 because the studio decided to make room for other projects.

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Synonyms for planned

Another way to better understand how a word can be used is to examine what synonyms it has, and how these synonyms can be used. For example, the word planned has the following synonyms: aforethought, plotted, premeditated, conceived, formed, contrived, deep-laid, designed, prearranged, preset, predetermined, projected, proposed, put-up and intended.

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