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  1. Large pods are formed in autumn.

  2. The best pods have crystals on them.

  3. The pods contain winged seeds inside.

  4. The seed pods grow to 8–15 cm (3–6 in) long.

  5. The largest pods can contain over 100 hippos.

  6. They feed inside the pods of their host plants.

  7. One peduncle can support four or more seed pods.

  8. The seeds are longitudinally arranged in the pods.

  9. Within the pods, the hippos tend to segregate by gender.

  10. Clan ranges overlap, mingling pods from different clans.

  11. Some Marine Corps aircraft carried two pods for strafing.

  12. The two AM-5 engines were in pods adjacent to the fuselage.

  13. After flowering, the tree produces long, flat, woody seed pods.

  14. Unlike matrilines, pods may separate for weeks or months at a time.

  15. Males mate with females from other pods, which prevents inbreeding.

  16. The pods become leathery before splitting open during early winter,.

  17. Sei whales usually travel alone or in pods of up to six individuals.

  18. Records of feeding on acacia seed pods include Acacia celastrifolia, A.

  19. Up to 20 woody seed pods, known as follicles, may appear on each spike.

  20. Up to 80 follicles, or seed pods, develop on the spikes after flowering.

  21. Aloha also removes and hides the twelve jet pods that propel each world.

  22. They are released in December and January, when the pods are fully ripe.

  23. The objective of the main levels in each world is to collect four jet pods.

  24. When pods meet, dominant call types decrease and subset call types increase.

  25. Transient pods have been sighted from southern Alaska to central California.

  26. Rarely, large killer whale pods can overwhelm even adult female sperm whales.

  27. There is the provision for cycle parking, with five cycle pods available for use.

  28. The seed pods are relatively long and thin, up to 12 cm long but only 3–6 mm wide.

  29. DNA testing indicates resident males nearly always mate with females from other pods.

  30. In resident pods, births occur at any time of year, although winter is the most common.

  31. As the pods mature, they range from green, to yellow and finally turn russet red-brown.

  32. These are followed by rectangular woody seed pods, which bear two rows of winged seeds.

  33. Old flowers remain on the spike, obscuring the developing seed pods known as follicles.

  34. Several rocket pods containing Combine Advisors launch from the Citadel as it detonates.

  35. It takes 9 months for the pods to develop and another 9 months for them to dry and cure.

  36. The diet comprises monocots, dicots, forbs, fruits and acacia pods (whenever available).

  37. A TACAN aerial and electronic countermeasures pods were also installed during this refit.

  38. The oblong grey-brown seeds within the pods have a length of 4 to 5 mm (0.16 to 0.20 in).

  39. The pods carried a maximum of 2,140 kg (4,718 lb) of MMH and 3,526 kg (7,773 lb) of N2O4.

  40. Typically, Carnaby's black cockatoos sit in the crowns of trees cracking the seed pods or cones.

  41. As the spikes age, they turn grey and develop up to 20 woody seed pods, known as follicles, each.

  42. The profuse fragrant, golden flowers appear in late winter and spring, followed by long seed pods.

  43. As the spikes age, each turns grey and develops as many as 25 woody seed pods, known as follicles.

  44. In the Caribbean, a drink is made from the roselle fruit (the calyces with the seed pods removed).

  45. Other food resources include leaves, shoots, buds, pollen, seed pods, sap, cones, bark, and twigs.

  46. The pods are around 45 mm (1.8 in) in length and 4 to 9 mm (0.16 to 0.35 in) wide with broad margins.

  47. The increased subset call types may be the distinguishing factor between pods and inter-pod relations.

  48. The bombs were carried on external pylons installed underneath each wing inboard of the inner engine pods.

  49. Game pods featuring Wipeout 3 were placed at parties and venues, accompanied by a tie-in marketing campaign.

  50. Closely related matrilines form loose aggregations called pods, usually consisting of one to four matrilines.

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