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  1. Both albums consisted primarily of bubblegum pop music.

  2. The phenomenon also inspired several rock and pop music hits.

  3. The sixth song "Everyday Sunshine" has influences from pop music.

  4. Gaga says that she wants to revolutionize pop music as Madonna has.

  5. The Arizona Daily Star described the piece as a pop music dance song.

  6. The Los Angeles Times described it as a lively pop music tribute to the actor.

  7. The Los Angeles Times called the piece a lively pop music tribute to the actor.

  8. Fonseca associated its general style with dance music and refrain to pop music.

  9. Perry's fourth album, Prism, is significantly influenced by dance and pop music.

  10. Zombies's soundtrack, borrowing elements from pop music and console chiptune.

  11. His early musical taste was primarily Top 40 pop music like The The and The Police.

  12. Hi-5's music has been described as simple, "infectious", and inspired by pop music.

  13. Inspired by pop music from the 1980s, the album was a critical and commercial success.

  14. This was to create an original score which would be neither pop music nor standard game music.

  15. West notes how, by 1990, many felt that the Balearic sound had become dated and sounded like pop music.

  16. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Goldfrapp explained that they had never intended to create pop music.

  17. His success in pop music led him to score the music for the PlayStation video games Wipeout 3 and Gran Turismo.

  18. On his blog, Diplo—who remixed "My Secret Lover"—called PRIVATE "the best current pop music group in the world.".

  19. By defying convention with six and a half minutes of dark, brooding poetry, Dylan rewrote the rules for pop music.".

  20. Vannary was profiled in the 2015 documentary film on the history of Cambodian pop music, Don't Think I've Forgotten.

  21. It was described as erasing the line between "stadium-size pop music concerts and full-scale theatrical extravaganzas".

  22. The impact of Carey's artistry has helped popularize rappers as a featured act in pop music through her post-1995 songs.

  23. His career began and he was most successful during an era when singles were the primary commercial medium for pop music.

  24. He frequently downloads music videos of English-language pop music so he can learn popular English songs and dance moves.

  25. He enjoys pop music, particularly rock music of the 1950s and 60s, listening to The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Presley.

  26. The impact of Space Invaders on the video game industry has been compared to that of The Beatles in the pop music industry.

  27. Buchanan named it among her favourites from the group's career, citing its representation of pop music "in a different light".

  28. Alongside "Sound of the Underground" by Girls Aloud, this song has been credited in reshaping British pop music for the 2000s.

  29. The group's management quickly made plans for a North American tour, to help restore their standing in the US pop music scene.

  30. Presley's output during most of the 1960s emphasized pop music, often in the form of ballads such as "Are You Lonesome Tonight?

  31. Only a completely non-critical audience, nourished on the watery pap of pop music, could have fallen for such tenth-rate drivel".

  32. Philip Booth of The Tampa Tribune said it was "undulating [and] omnipresent" not only in alternative rock but pop music generally.

  33. It took Eastgate a long time to describe how he was feeling "in a way that sounded original" for such a common theme in pop music.

  34. We are not only involved in pop music, but all music." McCartney envisioned the Beatles' alter egos being able to "do a bit of B.B.

  35. In other words, the story of pop music." He ranked "Delicate" fourth on his 2021 ranking of all the 199 songs in Swift's discography.

  36. Declaring that he would exit the pop music world "to study mime at Sadler's Wells", Bowie nevertheless remained with the Lower Third.

  37. Minogue explained that she first became interested in pop music during her adolescence: "I first got into pop music in 1981, I'd say.

  38. He credited the album for inspiring a revival of pop music, saying that the release proved that the genre "wasn't dead, just sleeping".

  39. Pepper were perceived by contemporary listeners as being drug-inspired, with 1967 marking the pinnacle of LSD's influence on pop music.

  40. Jackson has been referred to as the "King of Pop" for having transformed the art of music videos and paving the way for modern pop music.

  41. He said it was "like a blind date" because they had a strong song-writing affinity and a mutual love of pop music from the 1950s and 1960s.

  42. Anastasia recorded pop music and was in a group with Troshan, who was a founding member of Bulgaria's first rock band, the Silver Bracelets.

  43. Eddie Van Halen's sound even crossed over into pop music when his guitar solo was featured on the track "Beat It" by Michael Jackson (a U.S.

  44. The music video was ahead of its time and it is considered a monumental one—not only in Jackson's career, but also in the history of pop music.

  45. The first draft of the lyrics was exceedingly long, so Chandler and Hendrix reduced its length to something appropriate for mainstream pop music.

  46. The album also marked the beginning of her transition from mainstream pop music to a more urban sound, which was influenced by her husband Kacezet.

  47. Nikki Tranter of pop music website PopMatters called the album mature, praising everything from the cover art to the "finely crafted pop melodies".

  48. Kikuta tried to express in the music two "contrasting styles" to create an original score which would be neither pop music nor standard game music.

  49. In 2013, Billboard editor Jason Lipshutz opined the clip was "one of the more brilliant musical moments in pop music since the dawn of the century.

  50. A People writer suggested McCormick record pop music or covers of 1970s Top 40 songs because "kitschy stuff, after all, has a remarkable shelf life".

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