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  1. Settlers of European descent began to populate the region near modern Schroon around 1797.

  2. In the historical region of Tabasaran, ethnic Azeris populate the left bank of the Rubas river.

  3. She is "a decent person corrupted by the miscellaneous miscreants who populate the film industry".

  4. Thousands of horse and foot soldiers immersed in a sea of spears and lances populate the foreground.

  5. A selection of enemies from Half-Life populate the game, including alien creatures such as headcrabs and Vortigaunts.

  6. The name Lenca Rugby was coined in 2012 and represents the indigenous Lenca people who populate that area of Honduras.

  7. People and animals populate the city walls, but some are only visible under magnification in the Philadelphia painting.

  8. Most of the characters of the story are of the Hardic peoples, who are dark-skinned, and who populate most of the islands.

  9. Ozaki suggested to Takahashi that he could have the students of this class create the 3D objects needed to populate his game world.

  10. The Wire employs a broad ensemble cast, supplemented by many recurring guest stars who populate the institutions featured in the show.

  11. Gygax started with his old Greyhawk Castle campaign material and added a spaceship, which Rob Kuntz helped him populate with monsters.

  12. There may have been a revolt in the eastern provinces at this time, as he brought settlers from Asia to populate emptied farmlands in Thrace.

  13. FATE then terraformed an archipelago, erased the memories of most of Chronopolis's staff, and sent them to inhabit and populate its new paradise.

  14. In the year 691 she had more than 100,000 families (more than 500,000 people) from around the region of Chang'an move to populate Luoyang instead.

  15. In the January 1930 issue of both the sf magazines, Gernsback advertised the new magazine that he hoped to populate with these stories: Scientific Detective Monthly.

  16. His appearance is deliberately more pleasing than the scowling ugly ruffians that populate the rest of the picture, made clear in the text at the bottom of the scene:.

  17. Scientists have not found a way to carry out such a reaction, for it is likely that new types of reactions will be needed to populate nuclei near the center of the island.

  18. It is found in the dorsal root ganglion and motor neurons at the point in time that Schwann cell precursors begin to populate spinal nerves and therefore influences Schwann cell survival.

  19. Later tribes who would inhabit the region include the Assiniboine, who split from the Dakota and returned to Minnesota, but later also moved west as American settlers came to populate the region.

  20. Physicists showed in the 1920s that in gas at extremely low density, electrons can populate excited metastable energy levels in atoms and ions, which at higher densities are rapidly de-excited by collisions.

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